Wednesday, November 12, 2008

terbutaline, my friend

Well yesterday was aweful. As bad as bad days get. I hate those days!!!
Anyways it started out with my car dying on me. This has been a long time coming so it was no surprise. However, we can't get it fixed and we can't get a new one so we are now a one vehicle family. Great times. Little did I know this was just the start of my day!
You see, I woke up in pain. I had severe back pain and a lot of pelvic discomfort and pressure. It was constant and very severe. I suffered all day with this and finally gave in and called my Dr. They admitted me to Labor and Delivery and sure enough I was having contractions every 30 seconds. After a few hours they finally gave me some Terbutaline and after 3 doses I did feel better. We managed to get them down to one every 10 minutes and no pain. Terbutaline is amazing in that is works very quickly and gave me so much relief. But it comes with hefty side effects !! After all this I did get to go home to rest though. The contractions started back at 3am but have gotten better. I took a hot bath this morning and that did help a lot but this is very very scary. Sweet Houston is so tiny and hopefully will stay put for another 3 months! So any prayers will be greatly appreciated. Hopefully the pain will go away and the contractions will completely stop. Sigh..........

Thank goodness today is a new day!
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