Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2 week countdown!!

Well the countdown has started!! Yesterday at my appt. we set my induction date (and I even got my favorite Dr for the delivery!) for February 10th!!!! Exactly 2 weeks from today. That is such an amazing fact to me. In two short weeks I will be holding a new life in my arms. A new addition to my family. My new son. I can't really wrap my whole mind around that fact yet but I guess I will have to ;)

EJ weighs 7 pounds now! He is gaining a pound a week which is crazy weight gain! We are thinking by the 10th he will be 9 lbs. Whew!!! Adam is fine with this of course lol! Big and healthy!

I am off bedrest now and EJ has dropped. My contractions are worse now but I am not dilating anymore. I don't think I will go earlier than the 10th but you never know! We are going to a basketball game on the 2nd and Adam said I absolutely can not have the baby before then. Men ;)

So we are hanging in there. I am uncomfy and in pain almost all of time. My heart burn is better though since he dropped. I am ready to have my body back but I am wanting things to slow down at the same time. This amazing journey is almost over. What started in 2006 has come to an end. Baby #2 is coming and we are thrilled. WOW! I am blessed beyond belief with my amazing family. This amazing gift that God has given to me.

So friends, this is it. Crunch time. I can't wait to share my birth story with everyone and introduce our new arrival. I can not wait for Austin to be a big bro. 2 weeks....2 weeks.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

what a week...

Well today is Saturday and tomorrow is Sunday. I love Sundays! Adam is off and our family is together! This week has been hard but also really great. We will start with the great!
EJ is still staying put despite some more dilation. He is a wiggly little boy and I love every movement. I can not believe I am almost 34 weeks now. We are definitely in the home stretch now. Wow....just....Wow....

As far as Austin goes, that is where the best things are happening! Now that Mommy is home I have seen a 180! He no longer throws ANY tantrums at all. No crying. Just my sweet little boy who is happy and full of life. Bedtime is easy now. No more tears or fighting there either. Just holding hands and lots of kisses. It seems like he is now comfortable and KNOWS that I am home full time. He has fallen into our routine very well and now has the capacity to just relax and enjoy. I am so blessed and thrilled with this. My sweet baby boy. I have longed to be home with you for over three years and here we are. And guess what?? It is EVERYTHING I knew it could be. You and me.....My little buddy. I love you so much that words could never express just how much. At night when you are asleep I just stare at you and rub your cheeks and kiss your head. I am in constant amazement that you are mine. It is amazing....

Bed rest is bed rest. I am thankful for it actually. It has helped my family in more than one way and for that I am glad. However we are going through some things right now that are pushing us to the limits. Literally.
I do not want to give a ton of detail. This is my blog but it is also public. So I will say we need a lot of prayers in the finance department. Pray for my husband and that he may have continued strength. Pray that God sustains us. Pray that if we are suppose to take a different path, that we have the peace and endurance to do so. Just pray because in all honesty we really really need it. More than you can know.......
Well thats about it! What a week...what a week indeed!

Ps...be kind about the pics! I had zero makeup on. What more do you expect from a bedrest mom ;)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Getting closer...33 weeks!

So I had my 33 week appt yesterday. It went amazingly well. Starting yesterday I now go in every week for a u/s and NST. Then at 36 weeks I start twice a week. At least I get great pics of EJ ;)

So my EDD by ovulation is February 28th, and by LMP it is the 23rd. They are going with ovulation even though EJ is measuring over 33 weeks. Yikes!! SO my offical induction date is not until the 15th. I wanted the 9th but oh well....

EJ is measuring 4lbs 10oz and has the chubbiest cheeks! Everything looked perfect with him and I am so over the moon! My NST showed my contractions but nothing bad so we are fine there as well. My weight gain is 29 pounds which I am not thrilled with, but I guess it could be worse. I still have 6 weeks though so I am sure I will hit 40pounds like I did with Austin.

I also got the go ahead to deliver at the hospital I wanted (where we had Austin). It is much more natural than the hospital they wanted me to deliver at. You stay in the same room the whole time and the rooms are HUGE with wood floors and a bed for your guest. They are super suportive there and you can use birthing balls ect that they provide. I am so relieved and thrilled!!!!

SO all in all I had a great day. I bought EJs coming home outfit as well! It is really sinking in that we are bringing home a baby...and soon!!!This makes me nervous and thrilled all at the same time. I can not wait to meet this sweet boy and smell his hair and just kiss his cheeks. I am so in love with him. On the other hand I am still a little nervous but I know it will work out. Now if someone could promise me a pain free birth I would really be thrilled ;)Sigh....

So here is one of his 3d pics. He is head down and the cord is infront of his face so the pic isnt the best but you can see his face. Enjoy ;)
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