Friday, June 29, 2012

11 months young

Well it is official little man. You have been mine for 11 months. Next month you will turn the big ONE and will move on to toddlerdom.
Although you are the third boy in this family, you have no problem demanding our attention. You are a screamer and very vocal. You get so excited and so angry. You are passionate like your mommy :)
You love to play and be entertained but your favorite thing is to eat. If it is not food it goes in your mouth anyway. We have to watch you like a hawk.
Your favorite foods are meat, pasta, soy yogurt, and avocado. However you will eat anything I give you!! You still nurse a lot (especially at night and in the morning) and also nurse before both of your naps during the day. You don't sleep through the night at all. Its quite horrible actually. You have obstructive sleep apnea and it wakes you up every 30 minutes. All night. You sleep with me for now until we can get the apnea situated. You started refux meds again since the ent thinks that is the cause of your inflamed tonsils/adenoids. I am hoping this works as I don't want you to have to have surgery.
You are also walking now! You still crawl when you need to go fast but you are walking more and more. It is crazy to me!

You love your brothers and your daddy so very much. You crawl like a speed racer when daddy gets home and scream like an eagle till he picks you up. You are such a sweet and happy baby! Well, unless a stranger tries to hold you. You have a pretty bad case of stranger anxiety right now. It makes going to church interesting! 

You weigh 25 pounds and are just starting to wear 18 month clothes. I think of how it must have been just yesterday that you were born and here you are walking, yelling, and just being the center of the universe :) I love you big boy, so very much. Lets let this next month go a little slower, okay?

Monday, June 25, 2012


Happy anniversary to my husband! So thankful for another year! Looking forward to many, many more!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ahhhh... can you believe it!!!!???

first steps!!! from E Nault on Vimeo.

From crawling to walking, just like that!!! No practice hesitant steps; just full blown walking. My earliest walker at just 10 months. Sniff sniff and yay! So bittersweet.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

a quick video!

peek a boo crawler from E Nault on Vimeo.

I need to be better about posting these! This was when Matthew was first crawling. LOVE the little slapping sound his hands make as he crawls around the house :)

my little sunshines! (and a list)

Lots of busy happening around here lately. For the sake of blogging things I want to remember better, I am switching to a list today!
1. I love my boys. Wild and crazy but so dang cute! 
2. Austin finally lost a tooth!!!! June 8th. Bottom left. The tooth fairy brought him a 2 dollar bill :)
3. I gave EJ a hair cut on June 9th. His first ever! His hairy is even more curly now. I love it!
4. Matthew is standing all the time. He wants to walk so badly but crawling is still the preferred mode of transportation. He is cruising better though! He still has his two bottom teeth but his top right is breaking through now.I will miss those toothless smiles!
5. Matthew is going to the ENT tomorrow for a sleep apnea consult. He is having a very hard time. He wakes up every hour at night and I mistakenly thought he was just spoiled. I actually tried to sleep train him this week but it has not been working. Then I realized that the loud snoring, gasping for breathe, and jerking himself awake every 30 minutes was to blame. It is not his fault he can not sleep. I wouldn't be able to sleep wither if I couldn't breathe. Hoping for answers and a solution. Despite this he is 24 pounds and almost 30 inches. Growing!
6. Austin is 48 pounds and 47 inches. Had his 7 year check up and all is well!!!!
7. EJ is finally sleeping in his own bed, through the night! Only took three and a half years :)
8. I have FIVE cavities. I have never had a cavity in my life! Luckily they are tiny single surface ones that don't even need anesthesia. Hopefully by getting them now I can avoid any future problems! yikes...
9. I am half way through my summer classes. Really wanting them to be finished.
10. Adams and my 7th year anniversary is in 5 days. Thankful we get to celebrate another year.
11. Matthew LOVES to eat. Especially adult food. Evidence is the above pictures. Mass quantities of pasta was consumed!
12. That's it!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

sickie bug, sickie bug (and a lot of random ramblings)

 So this little guy is still sick. not anything really bad but he is just miserable. He has a cold and is so snotty. Nursing is so much fun when your baby can't breathe through their nose. And suctioning their nose is even more fun (major sarcasm). He is also starting to cut his two top teeth now. I can see the white under the gums. Poor baby. On a happy note, he sticks his tongue out all the time now and thinks it is the funniest thing. If you ask where his tongue is he proudly sticks it out and grabs it :)
 This one is eating me out of house and home. He must be going through a growth spurt right now. Literally, he eats 20 times a day. Crazy! Looks like I will be buying more food and clothes for that boy. He is now a size 7 but 6 months ago he was a 5T. I wonder what he will be by school time?
 This little one continues to crack me up every day. He reminds me of a who from who-ville with his hair. He is not a good eater. Super picky and can go two days with out eating anything other than a piece of bread. He is still really small for his age (probably always will be due to his health issues as a baby). However, he can now wear some 3T stuff! He still mostly wears 24 months and 2T.
 And apparently Austin is also part shark. My 7 year old has not lost a single tooth but has started getting his permanent teeth anyway! We go to the dentist soon and I wonder if she will pull the baby teeth out?
 Yep, this is Matthew right now. Well, not right now. He is sleeping in my lap currently :)
And again with the tongue! So precious!

In other random news, I am taking another full course load of marketing classes this summer. I am probably certifiably insane to do so but taking classes in the fall/spring is not feasible. Our schedules go into hyper drive during school. So I am only taking classes in the summer and Adam is going to be taking classes in the fall/spring. Lots of school around here! Speaking of that, I really really miss homeschooling. Really. Just wanted to say it out loud. I miss the books, the curriculum planning, that special time with him every day. I miss watching him learn in front of my eyes, and I just miss him being home. So glad it is summer break!

We are currently having storms (so happy for the rain) so we are having another indoor day. Maybe sock puppets are in our future!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ej my snuggle bug.

It has been pretty relaxed around here this week. Letting the boys recover from all their bugs and just hanging out enjoying having Austin home. Today the boys went with Adam and caught minnows for our fish tank. So far they have two goldfish, a couple dozen minnows, one crawdad, a couple snails, and a tadpole. Quite the eco system in there! They love doing stuff like that. I am so thankful we have Adam to head up the gross "all things boy" stuff. There is no way I am getting into a creek and hunting creatures. But the boys LOVE it. And I love that they get to do something that they love :) That's a lot of love lol!
But you know what I am really good at? Snuggles! And making funny faces...

 Oh and I have to mention that EJ is a snuggle bug. He tells me counteless times how much he loves me. He also loves "gungles" and now gives us "magic gungles". You can never have too many magic gungles.:)
  Forgive the dirty face and dried snot. Sometimes we just have to go with the flow with sick little ones.
 My little blonde curly headed green eyed baby boy. I'm so lucky to be his mom.

 And last but not least, my little tool man :)
Matthew has started to really play with his toys. He reads his books, puts the toy envelope in his toy mailbox, attempts puzzles and loves peekaboo. He is really changing right now. So cliche but it really does happen so fast! 

Friday, June 1, 2012

bugs (both kinds)

The past week we have been hit by bugs. 
Both the creepy crawly kind and the kind that make you sick! And let me tell you, dealing with chiggers and a stomach bug is no fun at all. Now that we are finally over the vomiting, we are now getting colds. At least Adam sprayed for the chiggers. Those bugs are horrible. Like mosquitoes on steroids! Hopefully you all have no idea what a chigger bite feels like because I wish I didn't. :)
BUT even when sick, my boys are cutie pies and I cant resist taking pictures. And can I get a hallelujah on getting all three kiddos in a picture? You have no idea what I had to do....
 Brothers. They are getting so close. Love them.
 My mini me. He does so well with pictures. He really is the sweetest child.

 This one, oh help me, is a wild man!
 But oh so cute! And also TEN months old. Lets not mention that again though :) Still in denial!
 freckly goodness...
And also, it is officially summer!! whoop!
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