Friday, March 16, 2012

still alive

Still alive but the unpacking is going slllooowww :) I am hoping to be 100% finished by this weekend! Three boys, they really know how to take all a mamas time! These pictures are from Matthew's 7 month shoot!

 I didn't edit his eyes in the picture below at all. I love them!

Yes we still rock Christmas pjs in March :)
 The best group I could get lol! Ej and Matthew are looking at a lizard toy I am holding, ha!
 They still look SO much alike it is crazy to me. Same eye/hair color at this stage too. :) I wonder if I ever had another, if they would favor Austin?
I hope to be back with updates (and a home tour) soon. Matthew doesn't sleep and I really have only moments everyday to try to get stuff done. Off to open some more boxes, wish me luck!!
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