Friday, March 16, 2012

still alive

Still alive but the unpacking is going slllooowww :) I am hoping to be 100% finished by this weekend! Three boys, they really know how to take all a mamas time! These pictures are from Matthew's 7 month shoot!

 I didn't edit his eyes in the picture below at all. I love them!

Yes we still rock Christmas pjs in March :)
 The best group I could get lol! Ej and Matthew are looking at a lizard toy I am holding, ha!
 They still look SO much alike it is crazy to me. Same eye/hair color at this stage too. :) I wonder if I ever had another, if they would favor Austin?
I hope to be back with updates (and a home tour) soon. Matthew doesn't sleep and I really have only moments everyday to try to get stuff done. Off to open some more boxes, wish me luck!!

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Anna White said...

This post made me smile so much, been a long time since I have visited and I was so amazed at how much your beautiful boys had grown..and Ej and would almost have thought you had twins if one didnt know the age difference. WOW...they are all growing up so beautifully..bright eyed and magical smiles. You are very blessed lovely. Hope all is well in your world x

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