Wednesday, December 9, 2009

christmas card confessions

Okay, so please tell me I am not the only one that hasn't sent out Christmas cards....right?
There are so many different, super cute, cards out there now. I love looking at all the neat designs! However, I haven't even started! Sigh....
For the past couple years I have had the best intentions. Last year I even made them all, and sent them with Adam to mail from his work. Well he mailed them without putting stamps on them, so they were returned back to us on Christmas eve! To late to remail them! This year with everything going on, I just haven't found the time to really dive into to all things Christmas. Sure my lights and tree are up, but along with my cards, I haven't even started Christmas shopping yet! Yikes! So I am thinking I may not do cards this year. Is that horrible? Honestly?
However if I did do them...I would totally choose this one...

from doodle bug dezigns
OR this one

from tiny prints

Are those not the cutest!?

Okay so I must share these adorable little boots with you all! Because my awesome mother in law is not nearly the procrastinator that I am, she already bought and sent the boys Christmas gifts. Well this gift she bought while she was here during Easton's first hospitalization, and I love them. Seriously. They are real sheepskin and so deliciously soft and warm. They fit him perfectly and he always wears these. You would never guess, in a million years, where we got them................
Bass Pro Shops!
Okay so seriously, I had never been to this store, and dreaded going really, so Adam decided we should go. I though it was going to be only a hunting/fishing "man" place! Ha! It is, but it is so much more! They sell everything! It is like Walmart, but for "out doorsy" people. Who knew we could find such cute stuff! Also Santa is going to be there! Well just to let y'all know we now go there all the time, and it is Austin's favorite place in the whole world. He has almost every lure they make. This child has started young!
Aren't these the most adorable little shoes!
Easton thinks so!
Oh Easton, you are so cute, but you really need to learn how to tie a scarf! :)
So tell me, have you already mailed you cards? If so did you buy, print, or hand make yours? If you haven't yet, what are you planning on doing?

ps. I am still waiting on hearing back from the Doctor. Of course I will update when I know!
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