Sunday, May 1, 2011


So now that Austin is in school and gets to spend the night with Adam once a week, Ej and I have been spending a lot more alone time together. Although I miss Austin when he is not home, I do cherish the small moments Ej and I get to share. Especially now that Matthew is on his way, I love getting to know him more. I have also noticed how he is so different when Austin is not home. It is like his little personality comes out in full force and I love it. Sometimes balancing multiple children is tough and I always wonder if I am spending enough quality time with them. I have to say I am my own worst enemy and I am constantly doubting myself as a mother. It is no easy task and I fail daily. However I pray that the Lord fills in the gaps and I trust that He will! Being a mom is the hardest and most wonderful thing. It pushes me beyond what I thought possible. All I know is that I love these boys more than anything and I am eternally grateful for being loaned them.
So here is my little man in action. He just melts my heart!

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Motherease Review/Giveaway

Mother-ease Cloth Diapers is a company I have "known" for years. When I started cloth diapering when EJ was born, there were so many different brands and so many different styles of diapers that it was overwhelming to a beginner. Over the past two years I have gotten to know and have experienced many different types of diapers. I now can say that I know what works for us and what my personal preferences are. (Although they frequently change!! :)

When first trying out fitteds, I had always heard Mother-ease Sandy's were wonderful. If you look on, Motherease diapers are always snatched up quickly! Their quality, ease of use, ease of washing, and dependability is clearly witnessed once you try one of their diapers.

For review, I received a large Motherease Sandy with a large Sandy's absorbent liner. I also received a large ocean Airflow cover. 

The thing that is great about Mother-ease is that there is an option for everyone. You can choose from their beautiful colors, go unbleached, organic, or bamboo! The Sandy's diaper is a two sized system with small going from 8-20 pounds and large from 20-35 pounds. They also offer a one size diaper to make it even more simple! For us, I wanted a sized diaper as I knew Ej was not going to potty learn any time soon. I needed something that was guaranteed to fit even at the upper weight limit. 
For covers, they offer two different styles, the Rikki wrap and the Airflow cover. The Rikki wrap is an aplix cover and the Airflow has snaps. They are both sized to get the perfect fit. 

One thing I noticed right away with their diapers is that you do not want to size up prematurely. Their diapers and covers are generously sized. This is not the most trim diaper by any means, but is exactly what I needed for night time diapering. They are bit wider in the width than other fitteds, and paired with the cover, has a substantial rise. I do not have to worry about blow outs or inadequate coverage at all with this diaper! 

The Sandy's is a side snap diaper which I have come to prefer. The side snap system allows you to not only adjust the waist but also the leg opening. They each have their own snap. This is wonderful! I can get it tight around his waist without leaving huge red marks on his legs by morning. 
The Airflow cover is also side snapping and besides wool, it is the only cover I will use overnight. With aplix covers I have found them to have more of a tendency to leak, especially along the front where the hook and loop is. With the Airflow cover the snaps are on the side and I have never, ever had any wetness wick even when the diaper was fully saturated. Having a dry morning is priceless!
Again though, expect some bulk when using this combo. His sized pj pants still fit, but he definitely has that fluffy bottom look :)

As far as absorbency goes, the Sandy is wonderful. I have to use the absorbent liner for over night but together it works great. The liner is cotton and I like knowing that natural fibers are touching his skin. We have used the fitted with the Airflow cover and with our wool, and we have never had a leak either way. This diaper can definitely hold a lot of liquid! If you want a stay dry feel for your little one you would want to add a fleece liner. I love that cloth diapering is so customizable!

For washing, this is one of my easiest to clean and dry. Honestly, I struggle with keeping synthetics clean and that was one of the main reasons for us to switch to natural fibers. They always come out clean and I have never once had a stink issue with these after months of use. Plus they dry in one full cycle. They are still soft and squishy and have shown no wear whatsoever. This really is a no fuss diaper. Also, out of all my diapers, this one has yet to stain despite plenty of reason too :) Maybe it is the terry material? 

All I can say is that the Sandy has lived up to the hype I always heard. It is a simple, absorbent, easy to clean, and great fitting diaper. For an overnight fitted, I think it is one of the best. 
For day, I prefer a trimmer system and I am thrilled to see that Mother-ease has come out with a new AIO system called the Wizard! I can't wait to hear about it! If it is anything like their other products, I know it will be amazing!
Between their customer service, their business ethic, and great quality diapers, I am a true Mother-ease fan. I have always said that I love all things eco friendly but it has to be easy and functional. It has to truly work! Thank you Mother-ease for being a great company and not compromising on that!

The best part!? One of you will win an unbleached cotton Sandy's fitted diaper, an absorbent liner, and an Airflow cover! How wonderful is that! 
All you have to do is visit Mother-ease and leave me a comment letting me know what size of Sandy's you would want and what size/print of cover! It is that easy!

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Giveaway will end May 23, 2011 at 12PM and the winner will be announced May 24, 2011. Good luck!

Fine print: This review was written by me and shows my true opinions. I was not compensated for this review and am happy to share a product I genuinely love with you all!
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