Monday, December 14, 2009

our hope endures

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So our weekend was so busy but so great!
Saturday we went downtown to visit some friends and have lunch, then we went to Adam's Christmas party! The boys came with us and we had a good time. You would think that staying out till 10 would make the children sleep in...HA. Nope. I tell you Ej has an internal alarm clock! Do you all have a work Christmas party? If so where and what do you do??
dallas cowboys 025Yesterday we had an amazing time at church, seriously I love that church!, and then Adam went Christmas shopping while the three of us took a nap :).
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Easton had a really bad day Saturday and only nursed twice. However, yesterday he ate like a champ! Listen to this, he ate an entire four oz jar of bananas, a couple bites of bread, and a whole bowl of my chicken soup! He ate this all in one sitting! Praise God! He has not eaten that much since before September. Talk about making up for not eating on Saturday! If I can continue to get him to eat that much, we may have weight gain next week after all!!!! How great to not have him need that feeding tube!! I'm very excited about this!
In other news, a certain little boy was very excited about a certain football game! Any guesses who he was rooting for??
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I realize I didn't post the entire weekend and I wanted to share something with you now that it is final.
Now that we are a one income family, I recently lost my work from home job due to Eastons health and hospitalizations, we are having to down size quite dramatically.
I could get into to the details and how it is affecting us, and maybe I will later, but for now I will just let you all know that we are moving (hopefully by the 1st, but maybe by January 15th...we will see) and trading down our vehicle. There are some very large things going on and I am so busy trying to prepare.

Sometimes, life can be so overwhelming. Sometimes, I have to make changes, not out of desire, but out of pure obedience to Him.

So I have a prayer request. Please pray for our entire family as we try to adjust to this new life. I am hopeful, always hopeful, the Lord will be faithful and see us through. However my family, and especially myself, we are only human and the day to day can seem so difficult sometimes. I know we will get through this but we need strength and peace.

Also I had another request. I sincerely hope you take me up on this offer. Each and every one of you has touched our hearts with your prayers, emails, and sweet words. Please leave me your prayer requests in the comments (you can be anonymous) or email me if you would like. My email is
Please do this. Let me pray for each of you who has prayed for us. Nothing would make me happier! It can be anything, nothing is to small or too large. I believe in the power of prayer. I believe our prayers are never in vain. No prayer goes unheard before the throne, and no petition ever unanswered. It may not be the answer we are hoping. However, the Lord Almighty knows best, and His will is perfect!
I would be honored to pray for you!(or someone you know!)
I can even put them on my blog in a post, if you would like, so we can all pray for each other.
You all will never know how much you mean to us! Thank you!
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Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:6-7)
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