Wednesday, January 11, 2012

winter bugs

Well we have our first real winter bug. We have been lucky to avoid them so far. EJ has croup now and has had a rough time breathing. We got to get a  new nebulizer though, and EJ doesn't mind it at all thankfully. I think it helps that he gets candy afterward as a reward :). Now the prednisone that tastes horrid? That is another story! Here is a picture of him at the Drs office this morning.

Matthew has been doing so well lately! He started saying "da-da" now! If you say it first he loves to say it back :) He is also sitting up for a couple minutes (still wobbly) and rolling all over. We started on solids and he loved it! However it was upsetting his stomach and we had a couple rough nights. By rough I mean up every 30 minutes to an hour ALL night. So we will try it again in a month and take it really slowly! Not worried about his intake though as he is over 20 pounds now. He is one big boy!
Here are some catch up daily pictures (I finally took them off my iphone :).
 Snoozing in the car!
Munching on bananas!
Nebulizer time! And yes my house is almost always covered in toys. :)
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