Tuesday, January 29, 2013

popsicles and a heat wave!

Love that my days are filled with fun and boys. They are growing so fast...
So what to do in 75 degree weather in January? Eat popsicles and play outside of course! Then rain? No problem. Just play in the rain then come in for some snuggles :) Life is good!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Matthew :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

heat wave

Well life is back in full swing and I have to say that makes me a little sad. We had such a wonderful Christmas and winter break that I want to relive that again. I love having Austin at home and I loved the cold snuggly days. Now it is fast paced life once more and a rather unpleasant heat wave. This week we are seeing temps in the 70s. The 70s!!! What in the world!? We have had two good snows and then immediately following we have this? It is crazy! To further the seemingly spring madness, I signed the boys up for swim lessons starting in February and Austin for soccer. It seems like spring is in a hurry to come this year and while I love spring and I am anxious to get past cold and flu season, I want the days to pass just a little more slowly. My babies are just growing way to fast!
Tonight in between pasta and bedtime, I snuck out with Matthew and captured a few fleeting moments. Tiny whispers and milliseconds that I am profoundly thankful I can save forever with a click of my shutter. I love photography and I will always be thankful for my camera that doesn't just take a picture, but rather allows me to savor precious moments. Bliss I tell you...

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