Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Urgent prayers for Easton

As you all know ej has been quite sick this October. Well Friday (after two days of extreme lethargy and vomiting) we took him to the ER. Long story short he was admitted and we have discovered the following;
Ej has hydrocephalus due to decreased brain matter
Ej has severe neutropenia and his immune system is about a tenth of what it should be
Ej has very low levels of albumin and vitamin K and therefore is extremely swollen and his clotting times are off

I am sorry I don't have time to elaborate right now as I am quite preoccupied. We are still waiting on about 30 tests right now to try to diagnose him.
Please pray for him and that he will recover fully.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

ej update...

another update: EJ is now vomiting a lot, so maybe he just caught another virus? We will see...

Original post:
Okay, so pleased send some more prayers this way!
So EJ got off the antibiotics he was on a few days ago. While on them, he did better, but not completely better. Now he still has a (off and on) low grade fever plus a snotty nose. Now (since yesterday) he is acting different. He is really, really lethargic again. He doesn't play or really smile. He just lays his head on you and wants to be held. His eating has slowed WAY down and he is so tired. What in the world is going on? I am so upset for my sweet little boy. He has been sick since September 29th! Today has been horrible. He has that high pitched raspy cry again and hasn't done anything all day. He doesn't have the high fever that he had though. Should I wait it out? Take him back in?

So please send some prayers his way please. I want my happy little smiley babe back!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I am so overwhelmed right now. I am not going to promise I will be a better blogger, or that pictures will come soon. I can not promise to send emails, or to call you back. Right now, life is so full it is over flowing. My body aches for a break, for a solitary moment of relaxation, but on I must go. Juggling an insane amount of work, and trying to throw in some fun for the kiddos, literally takes every single second of my time - day and night. It is hard right now but I am doing my best on little to no sleep. I just pray I can run this race, that I can endure this season. I pray I am up for this daunting task ahead. I will always do whatever it takes for my family. Whatever it takes. Sometimes, though, those terms are steep.

Pray for strength and courage during this transition. That I may find rest in my many activities!

God Bless friends!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I have an 8 month old, and other updates

Well, this week is already flying by. Time seems to be doing that lately!

So my little man EJ is now EIGHT months old. I don't really know how that happened!! Unfortunately, he had to spend that day in the hospital. He had continued to get more and more lethargic and ill, so I finally took him back in. They gave him an IV, steroids, antibiotics, fluids, a catheter, Tylenol, and Motrin. His fever was so high and we just couldn't break it. However, after all night and lots of meds, my little one finally turned a corner. Thank God.
Since then he has made slow improvements, with the last 24 hours showing a lot of improvement! They switched his regular antibiotics to azithromycin and I think that did the trick.
Poor sweet baby, he has been through a lot. I am just so very glad he is finally getting better! He is starting to act like his normal little self as well, and I am just so very happy about that!

So what else has my little eight month old been doing?
-Well his crawling is getting a little better. He still hasn't lifted the belly off the ground yet though.
-He is trying to pull himself up!
-He is loving eating by himself. He does not get all the food in his mouth (probably 90% ends up on the floor), but he sure tries! He eats chicken, puffs, Cheerios, grapes (peeled and cut up), cooked veggies, banana, avocado, squash, potato and anything else form my plate I can mash up a little or break into tiny pieces for him. He loves to eat!
-Still battling the crib, but at least he is back in there. (I would love for him to start sleeping better at night though)
-He LOVES being outside all of the time. No matter how cranky, he is always happy outside.
-He loves his Nana D. He will not go to anyone except Adam or myself, but will go to her!
-He says "dat" which is that. I can not believe he talks. Everyone he meets is amazed. His current vocab is mama, dada, night night, that, hi and what I think may be bubba (for his brother). Amazing! I will try to get it on video for all of you!
-He is just about to have a second tooth. It is right there and should break through any day now.
-He is very attached to his "binky". This is not a paci but instead a silky blanket. Austin has always called his a "binky" so that is what EJ's is called by default. He loves it though and snuggles with it in his crib. This is also often the only thing that calms him down!
-He loves toys! Anything that makes noise he loves. The louder and more lights, the better lol...
-He loves books. He will let you read to him but also trays to taste the book.
-He does not like changing his clothes. He hates laying down! He wants to be sitting up in the middle of the action.
-He also loves to snuggle!
-Oh and last but not least, he finally gives kisses! He will open his mouth in anticipation of the kiss. So cute!

Well I suppose that is it. I am so so busy right now, between my job, the three kiddos ( I watch a little one three days a week!), house work, photography, baking, cooking, child wearing, bathing, diapering, reading, crafting, learning about sewing, and all the other many things my life throws at me, I am beat! But I love it and am so thankful!!

God Bless!

ps I will try to get pictures posted soon!! I promise!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

prayer request for EJ

If you could include EJ in your prayers today, I would appreciate it!

He has been sick for a week and a half, running a fever of 102.5-103.5 the whole time. His cough has gotten so much worse and his nose hasn't gotten any better. We have been to the ER already once, he has been on antibiotics for five days with no improvement, he is on albuterol, and it is taking constant doses on Tylenol and ibuprofen to manage his fever. At this point I am starting to worry about it turning into pneumonia. He is just so sick and lethargic. I guess we will be going back to the ER this evening when Adam gets home...

So say a prayer for him that he starts to feel better soon....

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Just so in awe of the Lord

I can not tell you enough how amazing, how humbled, how joyous, how utterly in awe I am in the presence of the Lord.
How, to sit back and watch Him move in our life, to see His glorious plan unfold, it is truly indescribable.

We were at the breaking point. We were at the brink, the edge, and the only thing we could do is to take a leap of faith and jump into the arms of the Lord. The past 6 months, the move to Texas, the job search, the financial trials, all of it. The Lord brought me to a place where I had no choice but to give it to Him. To rest in Him.

When I finally gave Him my life, full reign, amazing and miraculous things started happening.

To see Him, to really see what He can do, is so humbling. Who am I compared to the Lord? Nothing is impossible for Him. Nothing is to small, or to big for Him. He loves and cares for all of us, no matter what. But to really see Him move in my life the way he has, it is breathe taking.

I never could have imagined, that He has had us in His hands from day one. I had nothing to worry about because He was in control.

We have a home, we now have two amazing jobs, we have two awesome boys. He has brought us back. Revived us. Breathed fresh life into what was once broken.

He is our healer, our leader, our guide, our comforter, our wisdom, our shoulder, our SAVIOR.

I have to say, if I had a choice to do this all again, I would. Yes it was hard. Harder than anything we had faced as a family, but it has brought me face to face with Jesus. And, this is a place I never want to leave.

Lord thank you for everything. I don't deserve any of it and I could never repay you. But you give anyways. Your love is beyond description and your grace is inconceivable. Thank you.


Well so much for being a better blogger ha!!
So I wanted to let you all know some great and wonderful things have been happening in my absence!!!

To start with, EJ is crawling!!!! Can you believe it??? Right now it is an army crawl but so adorable. He can now go forward instead of having to roll and scoot everywhere. Oh I love that babe! Also we started sleep training, and he is back to sleeping in his crib! Praise the Lord! He is sick right now with a really bad upper respiratory infection, but is on meds so I pray he gets better very soon!!!

Austin has now been going to the preschool class at our new church. Our new church is AMAZING. I can not tell you enough how much I love it. Anyways, he loves his class and his teachers. He only goes on sunday for one hour, but it is so good for him. It is at least some practice before school starts up next fall. I cried the first day, because it was the first time I had ever left him with a stranger...ever. Can you believe we have never even had a baby sitter before? The only other person who has taken care of him is my MIL. So now you see why even just this one hour is very important!!

Adam has a new job. I wont tell you the name, but I will tell you that it is a national bank and he has regular hours and regular pay. No more commission!!! Whoohooo! He loves it and we are really looking forward to growing with that company!

As far as I am concerned, besides my new hair do (cut short and back to my natural color) I have some very big news. I have a job! Not just any job though. My true dream job. I work from home and have amazingly flexible hours. I can do it all when Adam is home or when the babes are sleeping. I can not tell you how great this is. Plus I know the company well as I have worked with them in the past. Now I get to work for them! God is so so good ALL of the time. It is amazing and mind blowing to watch HIS plan unfold.
I am still doing my photography, but much more as a hobby for now.

So I have good reason to be absent. Life has been going at a neck breaking pace but it is wonderful. Big changes, wonderful changes and I embrace them all.

God really is good....
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