Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I am so overwhelmed right now. I am not going to promise I will be a better blogger, or that pictures will come soon. I can not promise to send emails, or to call you back. Right now, life is so full it is over flowing. My body aches for a break, for a solitary moment of relaxation, but on I must go. Juggling an insane amount of work, and trying to throw in some fun for the kiddos, literally takes every single second of my time - day and night. It is hard right now but I am doing my best on little to no sleep. I just pray I can run this race, that I can endure this season. I pray I am up for this daunting task ahead. I will always do whatever it takes for my family. Whatever it takes. Sometimes, though, those terms are steep.

Pray for strength and courage during this transition. That I may find rest in my many activities!

God Bless friends!

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