Friday, April 30, 2010

splish splash

Splish splashing in the spring among the spouting plants.





Oh how I love these days....

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Thanks ladies for getting me all your info and for making this a great series! You should either hear from the company and/or recieve your gift soon!

Congrats to all the winners! I will be contacting you all shortly and you have till monday to get back to me or I will have to pick new winners! Congrats again and a huge thank you to all the wonderful sponsors!!!

1. WoollyBums Bamboo Onesize fitted
Congrats Raechel

2. ReThink Crafts sized diaper cover
Congrats Tim, Allyson, and kids

3. Terra Madre Soap Company
Congrats Shipman's Place

4. Crochet Sisters
Congrats SunnyMama

5. Fiddle + Fawn
Congrats aerialsmama

6. Holden's Landing
Congrats Janice

7. Critter Jitters
Congrats Holden's Landing

8. Blue Yodey
Congrats Adventures of Baby Bond
I couldn't find your email address, so please email me!!!!

9. Sutton Road Candles
Congrats trixx

10. Herbolution
Congrats Sampler Village

11. Wamba Wear
Congrats lots_of_love_four_kids

12. Petite Threla
Congrats Tylerpants

13. This and That by K and T
Congrats lots_of_love_four_kids

14. Savannah Soap Kitchen
Congrats bead eclectic

15. Pink Quartz Minerals
Congrats Nicole C.

16. Miss Mindy Mac
Congrats Krista

Thursday, April 22, 2010

a day at the lake

Had an amazing day yesterday! Had a picnic, a hike, and a little time to fish. All in all, I am so incredibly blessed to be part of my family!

Boys being boys...

Girls being girls...(with EJ :)

Nature being...




Off on our hike!




Dont look down!








Best Buds

Cutie Pie!







Wild creature :) This picture makes me crack up! He was trying to be a deer!

Getting so big!



Monday, April 19, 2010


untitled (1 of 1)-3
All the trees are dressed in green, pink, and white. The birds are singing and the earth is alive with new warmth. It seems in just a few short weeks everything has blossomed. Things have changed so much so quickly. I feel so awake and so overwhelmed with joy. Maybe it is natural, but I am loving this spring season and all that it is bringing.
untitled (1 of 1)-2
Austin is changing so much. He is gearing up to start sports soon and I can't wait! I have waited my whole life to be a soccer mom! I am feeling more and more prepared to home school now too. I can't wait to actually purchase our curriculum!
Easton is now pseudo walking. Still crawling mostly, but when he wants, can take up to ten steps! He has learned new words like dot, eye, and hot. He signs really well now and will sign more and milk with no hesitation. He knows what the snake, puppy, and lion all say. He LOVES to make the sound of a lion!
Both boys love to color, play, and just be wild boys. EJ is now getting a little more independent and Austin is starting to enjoy him a lot more. It is so heart warming to watch them together.
I have been trying to get Austin back in his sunday school class during church. Since EJ's first hospitalization he has not gone back. He won't. He screams and screams and will run out of the room. If you know Austin, he never does this, ever. He is very calm and quiet outside of the home. He is my cautious one. Well when we start to leave him in that class, it is like he is a different child! We are working on it though and I think soon he will be ready. At least I hope so. The Dr. said EJ still can't go into the nursery so both little ones are with us in church. Makes it interesting!
EJ had an appointment on thursday and his neutrophils were back down to 500. So he is still very immune compromised. (Hence the no to the nursery) His ALT was normal though! Yay! He lost a little weight which I refuse to worry about until we see what his weight does in a month. I pray he gains as I don't want to go back down that path! Also he tested positive for MRSA, so we have to watch very closely for that. All in all we are trucking along.
He is no longer taking his nap early in the day and is now waiting until around 4 to nap. This has been throwing off our whole schedule and I hope to have him back on a regular nap routine soon. He still wakes a couple of times a night to nurse and we are still co sleeping. He is 22 pounds and 28 inches long and has 7 teeth.. Austin is 40 pounds and about 3 ft 5 inches. Both my boys are shorties ;)

For the first time in a looong time, my house is completely organized and clean. Even my closets! And my laundry is all caught up! It feels amazing to have my spring cleaning taken care of.
I'm back on my vegetarian diet and I love veggie burgers so much! We have a little veggie garden growing on our patio and I cant wait to eat everything that grows!
This is a good season for us. A season of renewal. I am looking forward to everything it brings!
I truly hope this spring brings new life to you as well!

HSH Giveaway- Miss Mindy Mac

giveaway button

Miss Mindy Mac is a company run by Mindy out of her home. She hand makes everything and has the most adorable embroidery work! She loves custom work as well!
"I have been sewing since I can remember...I come from a long line of seamstresses. I developed a passion for quilting and recently, for baby items. I make custom bibs, burp cloths and bedding for babies, toddlers, and ANY age."

Her work is so precious I would to have everything in her shop!!

The best part? Miss Mindy Mac is giving away a boys crocodile or shark tee, or a girls initial shirt!

Entry Requirement:
Visit Miss Mindy Mac and let me know what shirt you would pick!

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

HSH GIveaway-Pink Quartz Minerals

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Pink Quartz Minerals is an all vegan cosmetic company. Since I was once a vegan, I can appreciate this so much! It is so difficult to find good quality vegan products! Now you can have the best of both worlds! Vegan and beautiful!
Here is some info.

"Vegan Mineral Makeup Custom Cosmetics and Lipstick, Lip Balm, Lip Gloss. Specializing in Custom Foundation for hard to match clients in fairest to medium shades since 2006! I make my foundations from scratch and am happy to take the time to match your skin tone.
Absolutely everything in my shop is 100% vegan, including applicators and brushes - NO animal testing either!
There is NO bismuth oxychloride, silicas, or other potentially irritating substances in my makeup. No need for naturagard or other preservatives."

The best part?

Pink Quartz Minerals is giving away one of their eye shadow kits of your choice!

Entry Requirement:
Visit Pink Quartz Minerals and let me know what eye shadow kit you would pick!

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Friday, April 16, 2010

HSH Giveaway-Savannah Soap Kitchen

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Facebook Blog

Savannah Soap Kitchen is run by Robin and she makes all of her soaps and solid perfumes herself. What I have found with handmade soaps is that they are so much gentler than store bough synthetic soaps. I have eczema and very sensitive dry skin and I now use homemade soap almost exclusively. With two boys, there is A LOT of hand washing going on! Ha!
Here is a little bit about Robin and her unique shop.

"I started the Savannah Soap Kitchen in the spring of 2008 as a way to encourage the use of handmade soaps both locally and globally. Inspiration for my soaps come from cookbooks, pop culture - anywhere I can get it! I'm always trying to think of clever new scents (with equally clever names.) From "Not Yo' Mama's Banana" to "Stick in the Mud" I like to think I have some pretty original fragrances. I also love making custom scents for my customers (such as Pumpkin Lavender, for example.)"

Creative, natural, eco friendly, and awesome customer service! What more could you ask for?

How about winning a 4 oz bar of soap in your choice of scent and a solid perfume also in your choice of scent? Sounds great right!?

Entry Requirement:
Visit Savannah Soap Kitchen and let me know what scents you would pick if you won!

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

HSH Giveaway- This and that by K and T

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Twitter Blog

This and that by K and T is a precious clothing accesories store!

"We (Tina and Karen) started our company last year because we wanted to make cute, eco-friendly market bags. Ours are reversible and come with or without pockets. They make great diaper bags too! We try to use all scraps of material so there is very little waste. (That's what all the rosettes on the hats are made with!) Then we added adult and children's hats (we can make hats to match the bloomers, upon request). We expanded to make child and adult aprons (again, they can be made as a mother, daughter set upon request). We are looking to expand into children's tops and dresses in the near future and welcome custom orders or suggestions on new offerings."

Seriously their bloomers and aprons are to die for! I need a little girl! Ha!

The best part?
This and that by K and T is giving away a beautiful bloomer to one lucky winner! You get to pick the material, and they will custom make it!

Entry Requirement:
Visit This and that by K and T and let me know what your favorite thing is on their site!

Extra Entry (make sure to leave separate comments for each)
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3. Follow This and that by K and T on Twitter
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