Saturday, January 21, 2012

a very eventful week

Well, well, where to start?

Maybe with the fact that we had to go to the ER this week for this little guy:

Notice the black staining? Yeah. Since all the boys have been really sick this week, I would go and check on them before I went to bed. Well this night I noticed EJ had black snot all over his face. I quickly ran to google and searched what could cause that and lets just stay do not google it! I was terrified of rare fungal infections in immune compromised people! Anyway, I ran back to EJ to suction his nose with the bulb syringe. I needed a sample and I wanted him to breathe better. (Totally realize I sound crazy at this point!)
So nothing is coming out at all at this point. Then he sneezed and a black bean flew out. Yes. A black bean.
Apparently black beans are for more than eating.

So I wake him up to look in his little nose and it is full of beans! I tried gently to get some out but I couldn't. So I called Childrens and they said to bring him in. In the middle of the night. With all the sick kids. Awesome.

Needless to say we were in and out in an hour and a half and there were four beans total. EJ said he felt much better afterwards and that he would not stick beans up his nose. Well lets just say we will be avoiding all small round foods for awhile ;)

As far as the sickies go, they are still here. I though EJ was finally getting better (his cough and stomach issues are gone at least) but today his nose was a faucet again. Austins too. He stayed home all week but should be well enough by monday.

And Matthew is the worst of all. Poor baby has finished his course of pred and antibiotics but still needs the nebulizer ever four hours. His wheezing is only a little bit better and it has been five days. Sometimes he has episodes where he is retracting and it scares me. Plus his nose is still so congested that it makes it hard to nurse. But his appetite is up and he is a little better. It is just one long drawn out bug I suppose. Goodness knows we have seen the pediatrician enough!

On a good note Matthew sits totally unsupported now for as long as he wants. He isn't wobbly at all and can sit so well! I can't believe how big he is now. He is also doing better in the car a bit. This is such a relief!! He still prefers when we don't stop (lol) but as long as we are going he is fine now.

We are working with some serious attachment issues but I can I just say, thank goodness for the ergo! He screams when I put him down and leave for a second. If I put him down I have to be right there playing with him. Not folding clothes or doing something else. I have to be making eye contact and talking and playing. If not he has to be in the Ergo. He absolutely will not self soothe or play/observe on his own right now. Maybe because he is sick? Hopefully it will get better soon as 8 hours in the Ergo hurts!

EJ is a little cutie right now. He talks and talks and says the absolute cutest things. His voice is at that precious stage and he cracks me up daily. Tonight we were eating dinner and he actually ate bread sticks dipped in olive oil and spices and then a whole plate of asparagus! This is super adventurous for him! And then he wanted to "do cheers, mommy"! So we tapped our glasses and said cheers between every drink. Such a precious boy!

This picture cracks me up!!! Super blurry (I know, they all are) but really shows my life right now!
I love how Austin is always peaking in expecting to be missing out on the action :) Oh and can I just say, that boy is GROWING by leaps and bounds! Two pants sizes this fall/winter! I look at him and all of a sudden he looks like a big kid. I can not believe my first baby is now so big! Crazy!

And yay! We will be moving soon! You will be hearing that more and more as the day approaches!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

bad to worse and a winner!

First of all I want to say congrats to our My Memories winner, Shannon! Emailed you :)

Also we are really struggling right now with this bug. Matthew is so sick, EJ is still sick, and Austin had to stay home from school today. We had to run to the doctors this morning as Matthew was struggling to breathe. When we got there he was still wheezing and his oxygen saturation was low. He is now on prednisone, azithromycin, and a nebulizer treatment every two hours. Really hoping this passes quickly!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

a very video weekend!

The sickies have finally claimed 4 out of the 5 of us. So far, thank the Lord, I have not gotten it. I am praying this continues as it is mighty hard to take care of little sickies (and an adult) when you are sick as well! EJ is still on the prednisone and nebulizer as his bug is lingering. Not unusual for him since he will always be a bit more prone to illness. Sweet Matthew, who I was really hoping wouldn't get sick, started feeling badly yesterday. Today he has a very congested nose, bad cough, and a fever. Since he is only 5 months old I cant give him any medicine either. It breaks my heart to see them sick. Hopefully they can sleep tonight and get some much needed rest.
So since we are not going to be doing anything this holiday weekend, I though it would be a great time to share some videos of the boys! This is mostly for Grandma :) In the videos you get to preview EJ's musical genius, a hint of Austin's attitude, and Matthew loving some food (before we took a break from solids). Enjoy!

Also, can I just say how excited I am to be moving in less than a month! Please pray we find the right house, and that the process goes smoothly! Thank you so much!! :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

winter bugs

Well we have our first real winter bug. We have been lucky to avoid them so far. EJ has croup now and has had a rough time breathing. We got to get a  new nebulizer though, and EJ doesn't mind it at all thankfully. I think it helps that he gets candy afterward as a reward :). Now the prednisone that tastes horrid? That is another story! Here is a picture of him at the Drs office this morning.

Matthew has been doing so well lately! He started saying "da-da" now! If you say it first he loves to say it back :) He is also sitting up for a couple minutes (still wobbly) and rolling all over. We started on solids and he loved it! However it was upsetting his stomach and we had a couple rough nights. By rough I mean up every 30 minutes to an hour ALL night. So we will try it again in a month and take it really slowly! Not worried about his intake though as he is over 20 pounds now. He is one big boy!
Here are some catch up daily pictures (I finally took them off my iphone :).
 Snoozing in the car!
Munching on bananas!
Nebulizer time! And yes my house is almost always covered in toys. :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

daily baby

Joining the 365 crowd and taking pictures everyday! Here is my little cutie today! And a very rare moment of sleep :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

new year goals and a bit of Christmas!

So one goal I have for this new year is to better document our life. The boys are growing and changing so quickly and I have not been doing a great job of capturing all these memories. So my main goal is to take pictures several times a week and video of each boy several times a month. Other goals include drinking more water, cooking almost every meal with my crockpot, and just being the best mom and wife I can be. And although I am not in control of this, I am really hoping for a calm year of health and prosperity. Not too much to ask right? :)

Well Texas has been having crazy weather the past couple years and this winter is no exception. It has been GORGEOUS out this week. It was high 60s today! So we took the boys to the park and had the best time.

Here are some other pictures from this week!

Life has been quite wild lately in that EJ has finally hit that "stage" that some children reach around two :) I refuse to call it terrible as he is anything but terrible. However, he has been a bit more difficult recently! The tiniest thing can set him off. Fixing his collar, giving him a kiss, cutting his strawberries the wrong way. You get the idea! Matthew is still in a really needy stage too where he has to be held all day or he screams. He has now added "not sleeping" to his agenda this month. Good times! Add in a sprinkle of 6 year old attitude and you have my life! Ha! But it is wonderful, really! I wouldn't trade these boys for anything!

Also, I realize I never posted any Christmas posts! The boys had a BLAST. We were blessed this Christmas, and the boys got a lot of great things. The main gift this year was a new kitten for Austin. She is a ragdoll/siamese mix named Sophie and she is just precious. She literally just goes limp when you hold her and loves attention and loves snuggles. She is the absolute sweetest. You can see her toward the end of the video below. She lives at Adam's right now but as soon as we move I will take lots of pictures! I have a ton of videos of Christmas morning, but they take forever to upload, so I will be posting them here and there until I get them all up. I love children just make Christmas magical all over again :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

family days!

Today was a day filled with family. Sisiters, aunts, uncles, grandmas, children, and cousins! Thank you for letting me snap a few pictures sweet cousins! :)

Family days are the best days!
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