Thursday, December 23, 2010

Surprise! My early Christmas gift!

Oh boy (or girl), Here we go again!!!

We had our first OB appointment yesterday and there was our "bun" with a healthy heart beat of 128bpm. I am not due till August so we have a ways to go!
If you could keep us in your prayers for a healthy uneventful pregnancy and the strength and peace to handle three kiddos ;)
I am back on my lovenox injections, prometrium, and vivelle dot patches. I am also on Zofran to try to help with some serious morning sickness. I sure hope that part passes quickly! I miss food!

I can not believe we are doing this again so soon, and it still doesn't seem real. I know that it will sink in soon enough. And I know God's plan is perfect and what He brings you to, He will bring you through! So meet bun, our third and final :)
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