Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Sweet Jesus..........I will never forget the sacrifice..............

Today I watched a small clip from passion of the Christ and I plan on watching the rest tonight. Let me tell you how incredibly moving that was. I started crying and Austin came to see what was the matter. I let him watch about two seconds worth of Him carrying the cross. It is so profound. Austin and I sat there for a moment just talking about Jesus and how much we love Him. It was an amazing moment that I was so thankful to share with my son.
My sweet Jesus.....all that He went through for me and for you. The torture, the pain, the death. It was real and he willingly did it for us. I can close my eyes and see the crown of thorns. I can touch the nails. I can see the cuts and bruises all over. I can see his eyes. His eyes looking to heaven. Oh my sweet Jesus may I never forget. May I never take it for granted. For all that you did....Thank you, as if a thank you is enough. Lord help me to live my life more to bring You glory. Help me to be a more humble servant. Thank you my Savior......There are no other words...just Gratitude....

2 week tuesday (a day late)

Okay so yesterday my little man turned 2 weeks old! His cord stump even fell off yesterday! It is amazing how fast time goes by! I know you all will forgive me for posting late because this mastitis has literally had me in bed until late yesterday. However I am much better and feeling like my normal self today. Thank goodness for antibiotics! It also has really affected my supply (hopefully temporarily) but I will spare you the breast feeding details....

So on to my two cuties! Words can not express my adoration for these two!!!!
Austin has started striking a pose for me whenever I pull out my camera. See for yourself! He cracks me up! He is still doing wonderful with EJ. He loves him so much and snuggles him at every chance. EJ has some reflux issues now but is gaining weight. He is up to 7lbs 13oz! Yay! Sleep is a whole different issue but he is only 2 weeks....

I will try to do pictures every tuesday. Hopefully they dont all fly by this quickly!

Friday, February 20, 2009

cloth diaper love...

I don't know how many people know we are cloth diapering, but I am in love people! I guess you could call me a natural mommy of sorts. I breastfeed, cloth diaper, make my own baby food, and even wear my baby. Adam lovingly calls me a "tree hugger" ;)

So anyways I decided to go with unbleached indian prefolds and covers. This was a little intimidating but I must say it is so easy. These things absorb an insane amount of everything EJ can throw at them. They are super soft and adorable! I am now a huge advocat for these! I have never had a leak and the fact that I am saving the environment from even more waste makes me happy.

So I thought I would share some pics of my little man in cloth...enjoy ;)

Prefold with an aristocrat wool soaker

Angel wing fold with snappi

Thirsties XS cover

In other news, I had a decent amount of sleep last night and feel great today. I have so much energy and I feel like my normal self. EJ woke up about 5 times but I went to bed early to try to compensate for that. I can't tell you all enough how much I love this little one and how much he completes me. I look at my two boys and I am in awe. I want to absorb every moment, every smile, tear, every breath they take. They have stolen my heart and I am A-okay with that. I look at my husband and I am so thankful for this life he has given me. Together we have made this little family....Thank you so much Adam. You are the love of my life...
I also owe a very huge thank you to our Lord and Savior. All of this would never have been if it wasn't for Him.
So thank you Lord for all my blessings. I am so overwhelmed with gratitude. I can't imagine being any happier than I am right now.....

Thursday, February 19, 2009

on the road to recovery

Well now that EJ's bili level are going down and I am feeling physically so much better, we are finally on the road to recovery! Emotionally I am now so much more relieved and I am now settling in with my new son. I know he is better and I can now worry about normal new born things. Like....NO sleep! This post, for example, will probably make no sense at all due to the simply fact I am very chronically deprived of sleep. I wouldn't trade it for anything but it is hard. I can't clean the way I use to, cook the way I use to, or play the way I use to. I know there is time for all of those things to fall back into place and I am trying to just enjoy EJ being so tiny and how Austin will just look at him and "pet" him. Yes he asks to pet his brother! He just adores him so very much.

So things are going well. Really, really well. My life and my family is such a blessing I am constantly overwhelmed will love and graditute. How could I end up with such a perfect life. Praise you God for my two beautiful sons, my wonderful husband, and this wonderful life I call my own. Thank you for the lack of sleep. What a beautiful thing....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

some pictures

Happy one week birthday little man....Oh how I love you!

Backtracking a little...
First time Austin got to hold EJ

Mommy's turn

First time for Daddy too!!

His bed in the Nicu

being transferred...bye mommy

Waiting for transport

Our first picture together

Welcome baby boy!!!

Thank you all again for your prayers. Our Lord is so good!!! What a journey we have been on.....What a week!!!!!

please pray

EJ's bili levels went up from 14 to 17. Please pray my little one gets better! Our next blood test is tomorrow and we are praying it is down.....

Easton Joseph...

Hello everyone! I am so sorry I havent been able to update you all any sooner than this. We had no internet and NICU had a strict no cell phone policy. So here is our story!

As you all know I went in on monday evening to be induced. They placed the cervadil and we went to sleep. My dr came in around 7am and I was only 1-2cm so she decided to not break my water and just start pitocin. My contractions got painful pretty fast but were still manageable. They kept having to up my pitocin b/c my contractions would eventually space back out. So needless to say at 4pm I was only about 3cm and my Dr broke my water and I got an epidural. I was happy for the epidural but not of the special leg devices I had to have on the whole time. Also the epidural that I recieved was very mild and I could still fully move my legs and feet. However it did take the edge off...

You would think that since my water had been broken that it would speed things up....nope! So after several hours and me being stuck at 4cm, I was begining to lose hope. Finally after 8 I started to feel A LOT and much lower down. It was a very different pain and very painful. I knew that things were happening. Within 30 minutes I dilated to 7cm and within 10 more minutes I was complete. I only had to push 3 times and he was out! I felt every bit of him coming out but it was so fast thankfully. He was born at 9:16 pm and weighed 7lbs 6oz and was 19.5 inches long. He was amazing and gorgeous but this is when our story became very, very scary.

Within minutes he started having a hard time breathing. They suctioned him very well but he couldn't breathe without a lot of effort and a lot of noise and grunting. They decided to take him to the nursery just to check him out. I wasn't worried at all at this point. 2 hours later they came in and said they had to transfer him to another hospital in orlando. There was a level 3 NICU there and thats where he needed to be. We went to see him and he had so many tubes everywhere. He had a nasal cannula, a tube into his stomach, an IV in his hand, and lots of monitors. Nothing could prepare me for that sight. It was heart breaking.

They finally transfered him after 3am and we tried to rest. I was lucky to be in such good shape after my delivery (and only tore a tiny bit) that they discharged me after 12 hours to go be with EJ. We left and went to be with our baby boy. Thank God we were able to stay at the Ronald McDonald house the entire time.

When we got to the NICU, EJ was in rough shape. He was on a lot of oxygen and had even more wires. He had been diagnosed with pneumonia, probably from Group B strep. They started antibiotics immediatley.

So we prayed and prayed and prayed even more. To our wonderful surprise, the next day EJ was on room air. It was still pressurized but room air none the less! The had moved his IV to his foot so we could hold his little hand. He still was not allowed to eat at all but he had the IV for that. By the next day they had removed the cannula and we started attempting feeds. These went really slowly at first but we got better and better. They finally placed him in the level 2 NICU and put in the IV in his head. That was horrible to see. I was so sad to see my baby stuck over and over. His hands, feet and head are so bruised.

On Valentines my baby boy pulled a miracle. He went on full feeds, he got off his IV, and stopped his antibiotics. He is so amazingly strong. We went from not knowing the outcome, to him being healthy literallyover night. The only thing we have now is jaundice. His bili levels went up each day but they still discharged us and we follow up tomorrow with the pediatrician. He is very sleepy and lethargic due to the bilirubin so say a prayer his levels have gone down some. I DO NOT want to have to be readmitted due to bili levels!

We are over the moon happy to have our little boy home. He is my little love and I could not have gotten a better Valentines gift. I am still so incredibly nervous that something will go wrong but I am just so in love....

Thank you all for your support and prayers. They really worked and we felt everyone of them.
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