Monday, May 18, 2009

A new hope, a new home.

Well friends,

Has the Lord ever moved you, possibly out of your comfort zone, in order to mold you? To further shape you? Have you taken that step of faith into the darkness, and had the arms of the Lord embrace you? Has He ever wispered to you that change is coming? And that this change is to bring Him glory. Have you ever been moved by the Lord?

Well I have.

What a lot of you don't know is that I fear change with an intensity that I can not describe fully. I cling to the comfort of my life. My sanity admist the chaos. My day to day that brings me joy. The simplicity of a routine. From groceries to slobbery smiles. I love the ebb and flow of this life.

However it is not to be. God is urging us to make a move. And the time has finally come to make that step of faith. We are moving to Texas. And when I tell you we are walking into darkness, please believe me. No job, no home, nothing set in stone.

So I take a breathe and close my eyes. I pray for my Lord and Savior to carry me because I am crumbling inside. I pray that in place of fear he provides strength and in place of anxiety he gives peace.

As I cling to Him I pray he stays near. Ever so near.
My heart is racing and tears come in waves. Change does not come easy to me.

Adam leaves tomorrow morning for Dallas. He will then be interviewing for several jobs. Then he will head to Houston. Wherever he gets a job, he will then find us a place to call home. Then he will come back, pack us up, and we will head there together. Leaving this chapter of our lives behind. Both children were born here, jobs were here, family (Austins grandparents), and friends are here.

I will miss living next door to my inlaws so very much. What a security and a blessing they have been. What joy I have, in having them in my life.
Luckily, my MIL will be staying with me at night and the rest of the family will only be about five steps away.

I will miss Adam so very much as we have never been apart for so long before. I am such a natural worry wart. Oh Lord be near. I know the Lord will be my strength in the weeks to come.

So, please keep us in your prayers as the Lords plan for us unfolds. Pray for Adam. For a job and a new home to come quickly. Without income and savings, we are working on limited time. Pray for strength, wisdom, and peace.

Oh friends, pray.

So I step out. Looking forward to the beautiful anitciptation of God's plan. Of being further shaped by our creator. What will lay ahead of us, only our Father knows. What I know is that he has never abandoned us or left us. And He never will. So although this move is into the unknown, I know my God is right beside me. Waiting to catch us, to pick us up, to hold on. We are in His hands, and what mighty hands they are.

This move is sudden but not unexpected. There have been some things happening with my family in Texas that I can't speak about but ask you to pray anyway.

I will not have a computer while Adam is away, so the next time you hear from me, we will be moving. Pray that moment comes soon.

Thank you all for walking with us and I pray you continue even though we will be farther away.

I also pray that if the Lord whispers to you, that you will hear. For what glorious things our Lord can do! I shall praise Him even in the storm!

Well, here we go.
God Bless.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Austin!

Well sweet boy, today you turn 4 years old.
I can remember, as if it was yesterday, the moment you came into this world. A wonderful, magical, breath taking moment. I will never forget the first time I saw your little face. The instant connection, the intense love. Since that moment, you have been my best friend, my little buddy. I love you more than you could ever know and more than I could ever attempt to express. You fill my hear with so much joy and I am beyond blessed to be able to call you my son. Four amazing, spectacular years. Four years...

Oh how time flies indeed. I remember your first word, your first taste of real food, your first attempt at crawling, your first tooth, your first step, and the first time you called my name. Mama. You made me a mother and it has been a journey beyond my wildest dreams. Everyday with you is new and exciting. Watching you learn and interact with the world around you.

You are so big now and so incredibly smart. As you start this new year I can not imagine what may lay ahead. I bet this year will be the year that you learn to read, you will start school, and start soccer. Your social skills will take off and you will grow even more. I am so proud of you. So very proud.

You have blossomed from my tiny baby, to this young boy who has stolen my heart.
We play together, learn together, laugh together and even cry together. We sing and talk and read together. We worship Jesus together. You and me.

I know I tell you this ALL the time, but I want you to know, no matter how big or old or tall or brilliant you become, you will always always always be my baby. You are my first born. You taught me how to change diapers, how to feed you, how to do everything mommy. You....

I could go on and on, but know I love you with every beat of my heart. From before I knew you I have loved you and that love has only grown.
Happy birthday baby. Happy wonderful birthday.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


EJ finally got a hold of one of Austin's toys!!!

look what I have! from E Nault on Vimeo.

And one of EJ talking to mommy!

talking from E Nault on Vimeo.

Now I must get cleaning and baking for our party tomorrow!

Monday, May 11, 2009


Alright I just copied the HTML for you all.... So here are the pictures!

3 months!

Tummy time!
bright eyes

Getting sleepy
1 of 3

Almost there...
2 of 3

Just kidding. I am not sleepy ;)
3 of 3

In my crib
I love my crib...

In my swing
swing swing

Trying out Austins new carseat! I have some big shoes..umm..carseats to fill!
big bros carseat...

My handsome men!
my three men

Trying to sneak a shot of Austin hee hee...He is not amused!
not amused

God Bless!

3 glorious months!

Originally uploaded by austinsmom
So my little miracle is now three months old. Amazed..I guess that's the word to describe how I feel.

I know I have been absent for two weeks. Let me just tell yall* that some pretty big changes are happening around these parts*. Some scary, exciting, life changing changes. I can't talk about it yet, but soon. In addition to these "changes" I have been planning Austin fourth birthday. I am so blissfully busy right now that I honestly did not have time to blog. Plus I needed the break. Life is so hectic but in a good way....

Austin is doing great. I wish I had a ton of pics of him to share but I don't. He does not like pictures, and as you can see, he does not hide that fact! Ha! Hopefully it is just a phase!
He has started spelling now and I am so thrilled. I love that he asks how to spell things. As always, he adores his brother so very much. In fact he loves him so much, that we have to sometimes stop him from giving to many kisses. It is so cute! I just can not believe it has been four wonderful years with him....

Easton is getting BIG! He is just now three months and is wearing 6 month to 6-9 month clothing. Austin was the same way. My babies chunk up from their wonderful food ;) I am such a huge breastfeeding advocate. Unfortunately this time has been very very hard on me. We are now on antibiotics again for my third bout of mastitis. We also have horrible thrush that will not go away. Diflucan and nystatin won't even touch this stuff....sigh. BUT................
The reason I have mastitis again.............
He is sleeping through the night in HIS CRIB!!!! It is a huge milestone for the both of us!! He goes down every night at 9 and sleeps till around 5. Then he come and finishes the night in my bed. I just can't believe my little one is sleeping though....what a blessing. I truly believe that it has been easier due to the fact that I am home full time. I can set his schedule through the day. I love being a is definitely what I was born to do!

Alright so I will stop boring you and share my pics! Blogger wont let me upload so I will give you my flickr link...
The new pics are in May 09!
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