Tuesday, March 24, 2009

On my knees

Pray for Stellan over at My charming kids as he is still in the hospital with heart problems.
Lord I pray You place Your mighty hands on this little one....

Six weeks old!

Big Brother....

Look at his poor face...

Playing outside with Papa!

Well my little bean is 6 weeks! A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!

6 week likes and dislikes.
being held (constantly), eating,baths, sleeping with mommy and undivied attention!
dirty diapers, being put down, sleeping in my crib and pacifiers

He is getting so big already. Everyone who sees him says what a chunky baby he is! I love my little chunky boy!
As far as milestones we haven't really hit any new ones so to speak. He still rolls over when he wants and he is working really hard on holding his head up. He has started acknowledging me by growling and some cooing. It is so sweet when he "talks" to us! Oh and he definitely knows Mommy! He can be upset but calm down immediately when I hold him. Not so much with other people!
I am still on a very strict diet due to his digestive issues. It is so hard but I try my best. If I stray, even a little, I pay the price with a scream-a-thon later. It is so sad to watch your baby suffer. His sucking hasn't gotten any better either. He will not take a paci at all now and giving a bottle is very hard. His latch is very poor with the bottle and you have to stop every three sucks to give him a breathe. Hard work....
At least he is a champion nurser now. Thank God for that. I guess he is stuck with me seeing I am his only source of food!

Sleep is an issue with us and something I could use some advice on. He is still in my bed with me. I do not like this! Now that we have the angelcare monitor set up (which I LOVE btw) I want him to sleep in his crib. This babe has other plans though. He literally will be up every 30 minutes! We tried for hours last night to get him to sleep in there. Guess where he ended up???
What can I do to get him to sleep there? I try swaddling and that helps a little but not much. I am at a loss. During the day it is the same. He has to nap on me or in the sling. He is in my lap as I type! So moms please share your wisdom!!

In other news, poor EJ's dermatitis is worse. It really looks so bad. I have been using the California baby Calendula cream and it helps a little but nothing I have tried clears it up. I just hope it is not painful!

We are also still dealing with his reflux and he still throws up quite a bit. It seems like he hasn't been eating as much OR I am making too much milk now. I am pumping for comfort but don't know what to do with the milk seeing that he can't take the bottle.

Last but not least, he still naps a long time during the day. From the time we wake up till about 4 pm he naps off and on. You would think since I have another child I would know what is normal or not. But apparently I have some sort of amnesia that prohibits that! LOL!
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