Saturday, March 16, 2013

risky business

So we are finally working on riding bikes over here! While we lived in the apartment we didn't have the best places to ride bikes and never really got to practice. Now that we have been in our house for a year, and now that the weather is turning nice, it was time to learn!!
Austin was ready to have the training wheels off and to be riding one handed. All in good time my little-big man!! It seems like lately he has been wanting to grow up way to fast. Just this week he has started calling me "Mom". I replied that I was not ready to be "Mom" and Mommy or Mama worked just fine for me :). I may be in denial but I will stay in denial for as long as I can! The fact is he is turning 8 in May whether I want him to or not. He is in the second grade and is crazy and brilliant and sensitive all wrapped up in a big boy body that just keeps growing bigger. It is hard to watch your babies grow up and even harder to admit it is awesome. I love watching him grow into who he is suppose to be but I still cry alone as I look through his baby book. It is bittersweet it every sense.
He loves to talk about God and to talk back to his parents. He loves legos and starwars and he loves making "you tube" videos of his lego starwars. We have yet to upload any to youtube but he seems unphased by that. He is an awesome big brother and adores his little brothers but we are still working on using a nice tone and some more patience. I am working on those as well. He is currently in soccer and swim lessons and he likes them both. I have to admit I am loving spring soccer so much more than fall. Much better weather!!
This year was the first year that he has a "girl friend" from his class. I think though that his affections are somewhat one sided. I am more than okay with that and we have been having talks about biblical relationships and how it is so great to have friends that are girls and to not worry about the other stuff yet. Since when is 7 so grown up?
All in all I love this boy and I will cherish the few more years I can call him a boy. Lets not let those years pass quite so quickly okay?

There were quite a few falls but he was determined. Riding bikes is risky business!!

Ej just turned 4 in February and if you follow me on instagram you saw he had a dinosaur party!! He loved it as any 4 year old would love a day all for them and lots of dinosaur cake ;)
He still has his blonde curls and green "dinosaur" eyes and is in between baby and boy. He is hysterical and just starting to be more independent. He can get some of his own snacks and can play independently for a couple hours. He especially likes to play with squishies and legos. He is 100% potty trained and I am so happy about that! He is starting to be afraid of the dark a bit but luckily he shares a room with Austin and they usually sleep in the same bed when things get scary. He is also in swim lessons and while he cried the first day he LOVES it so much. He is much more outgoing and adventurous than Autins was at this age. He runs right up to kids and wants to play. he is extremely athletic and joins in on soccer practice sometimes. Adam is co coaching this year! I love that the boys get their Daddy to coach. Ej's favorite color is every color, his favorite animal is a zebra, and he still says gungle instead of snuggle and I love to get his gungles on a daily basis. Some things I really want to document him saying:
1. He was playing with a coat hanger that one side was broken on. He was lifting it up and down saying it was an alligator opening and shutting it's mouth. Then the whole top broke off and he said with a pouty lip, "Now all I have is a moustache." He cracks me up!!
2. He told me the other day he wanted to be me and not EJ. I told him being himself was great!! He said, "No, I don't want to be EJ anymore. EJ is too sensitive!"
3. He ate the outside of a hotdog off and proceed to tell us that he had a naked hotdog. I actually got this on video. Will post soon.
4. He was sick with a stomach bug and he asked me to make him better. I told him I was so sorry he was sick and that I would snuggle him and get him something to drink. He said, "You don't have the power to make me all better?" I told him I didn't but we could pray to God to help because He did have the power. He said, "Okay you take me there now and I will ask Him to make me better and He will make me better." That was fun to explain ;)
He tells us he loves us every day and also tells us he hates us when he is angry. We are working on sharing our feelings without saying we hate something. Sometimes he will say I dont you or I am angry at you so there is some progress. Everything with little boys is a work in progress I think.
 Matthew is 19 months old now and really growing up. My baby isn't really a baby anymore...
He broke his leg in February sliding down a slide at the playground. It broke my heart. He has had a boot on since then and we go back to the Dr in a week. Despite the broken leg he is still running everywhere (although he crawled the first two weeks while getting use to the boot), he is eating a ton, he is saying more and more words, he loves to read books especially "teddy bear" and "polar bear, polar bear what do you hear". He loves to brush his teeth and floss. He still nurses several times a day and night but is sleeping better. He takes one good nap a day and wakes up about 3 times a night. He likes to go peepee on the potty occasionally and that gives me hope he may be an early potty trainer!? I can hope so! He gives tons of kisses and still prefers to use sign language to verbal communication. However, he says mama, dada, up, down, off, hot, "woof woof" for dog, night night, yeah, no, yummy, "yuck", gungle, and a couple others. Between his signs and his words I can understand everything he says/wants. So thankful he can communicate as it makes things a bit easier. He is also in to everything and making messes is his number one goal. He is definitely my most messy into everything child. He climbs everything and dumps out anything he gets his hands on. He is hard to keep up with and can throw a really good tantrum. Despite that I love this age. I love that he still needs me so completely. I love his curiosity and fun loving spirit. He really tries to keep up with his brothers but still stays close to his mama :)

I love these sweet boys. Every moment. I am going to try to update more and not get so behind. I really want to remember these moments!!
Oh and typos have to be overlooked. No time for proof reading! Off to make snacks, change diapers, edit pictures for clients, do homework for my marketing classes, and get ready for a soccer game!!

Video proof that naked hotdogs do in fact exsist!
IMG 0649 from E Nault on Vimeo.
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