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We have now been cloth diapering for 21 months and I love it! We have had some ups and downs, ammonia issues, and big fluffy bottom love. All in all I can not imagine ever going back to sposies. Eco friendly, healthy, frugal, and adorable, what is not to love? Here you can read reviews, tips, and a few of my favorite things.

Homeschooling began for me the same day it began for Austin. This fall we began kindergarten and I was terrified. Never knowing anyone who had homeschooled, and not knowing what was in store, I researched and read, but still was scared to death. The fear of failure, especially when dealing with my child's education, almost did me in. However, in faith, we stepped out on this journey and have fallen in love. I had absolutely nothing to worry about and it is a total joy watching and being a part of his learning. I do not know what the future holds, but I am enjoying this season immensely. Here is our journey:

"Going Green" is something that I have been working on for years. Although not perfect by any means, it is a goal I strive for. From cleaning and beauty to the day to day, I try to share what I am doing that is working and not working. It is about balance and function for me.
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