Friday, April 29, 2011

lunch time

Ej, my picky eater who loves pasta, cheese, pickled okra, apples, grapes, and bananas. Oh and beans. Oh my word that child loves beans! So as picky as he is, I am grateful for the things he does love.
He ate three bowls of pasta people. Three bowls!


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

CSN, oh how I love thee

So you all know my love of CSN! Well I recently received a couple much wanted/needed things from them and I wanted to share them with you!

First of all if you need ANYTHING, chances are that CSN sells it. With over 200 stores you can't go wrong. Also I have ordered from them a lot (both bought with my money and received as review items) and I can honestly say their stuff ships fast and perfectly. I never have a beat up box or a mispackaged item. I am always impressed.

So the items I recently received are some I have been eyeing for a while and can honestly say are my favorite review items to date!

First up is this little cutie :)
Boon - 375 - Grass Countertop Drying Rack

I love boon products so much! I needed a new drying rack desperately and this one is perfect! There is plenty of room for lots of sippy cups and bottles and because of the grass blades, you can fit the little straws for the sippy cups right on there to dry! It holds things of all sizes easily. Nothing falls! The grass is forgiving to oddly shaped objects too. I truly love this! The grass pad pops right off the base to wash when needed. A true mom necessity.

The second item, or items really, is this. I have two different sets of the no leak containers and LOVE them! I have loved Pyrex for as long as I have been cooking/baking. They are known to have amazing products. These are no exception. They can go from the freezer to the microwave or oven seamlessly. They can be washed in the dishwasher (even the lids) and I love that. I also love that the lids are bpa free and I can microwave without worrying about toxic chemicals leaching into our food. For the price, they can not be beat. I was so thrilled to throw out my plastic tupperware. I love that these are easy to use and wash, and are a healthy alternative to plastic. Plus, they actually live up to their name and do not leak ;) Gotta love that!

Kitchen items are by far my favorite and I am all about making my life easier. Now being a single mom, every second counts. I am thankful to boon and pyrex for understanding moms and what truly matters in a product!

Fine print:
I received these items for review but the opinions expressed in this review are my own and are genuine. I was not compensated beyond receiving the review items.
Thank you CSN for generously sponsoring this review!

Monday, April 25, 2011

home sweet home

Well I promised long ago that I would do a brief tour when I was finished with the boys room! I am never quite finished as I am ALWAYS adding and removing something in the house. The rooms never look the same week to week. But now is as good as any to show you where we are so far!

So welcome to my very humble home! It is quaint and cozy but it is home to the little loves of my life. I often dream of our own home and know that we will get their eventually. However in this season of life, especially with our recent life changes, this little two bedroom is where we rest our heads! I am so grateful to have a warm roof over our heads. So without further rambling.....home

The view when you walk in our front door. Living room, kitchen to the left, the little office nook behind the living, and the boys bath and bedroom beyond that.

I love these pillows!

This box was given to me a couple years ago by a dear friend. I love it!

I made a little chalk board for our bar. I couldn't resist as I have been seeing them everywhere! I have a large crystal vase with white flowers to the left of it that you can't see.

One of the little hurricanes I have on top of the armoire in the little nook area. Love the dollar tree!

A zoomed out pic of the armoire. The wreath behind is a work in progress. Trust me on that :)

One of my very favorite jars! It is on the coffee table directly under the bar. Not the normal place for a coffee table you say? Well have I mentioned how cozy and quaint my little home is :)

My second favorite jar. This is on the entertainment center to the left as you walk in. It sits next to our tv.

These little spaghetti jars sit on top of the toilet in the boys bath. Their whole bath room is blue and green. Still a work in progress as well!

A peak into my bedroom around the corner. Definitely the most neglected room in the house but that is changing! Matthew will room in with me for a long while :)

Now into the boys room!!! As you walk in the door...
The cross peaking from under the net was there before I hung the net up. I need to move it down a bit.

The bed area. Ignore the mess. Their room is never "perfect" and I wouldn't have it any other way!
Their bunk beds are from and after searching everywhere they had the best prices and the best quality. They also have free shipping! I highly recommend them. The comforters are from Target and are down. They are so soft.

To the left as you walk in. Ignore that unruly second drawer. It taunts me constantly and I have just learned to live with it :) Personality I say! I got it free off of freecycle and painted it red. Almost all of the basic pieces of their room are neutral and the decor was all made by me. This way I can change it often without spending money. Cause ya know with two little boys, it changes a lot!

And a blurry picture of their porthole :)

For Matthew, I got him a new crib as Ej's was recalled. I ended up getting the Europa Baby Palisades Lifetime Crib and I love it! Right now it is sitting to the left of my bed in my room. I took out the changing table that was in there in its place. Then I put the changing table topper on top of my night stand and it was a perfect fit! It is tight to say the least but it works! I just made Matthew a chalk board picture that is above the changing area. I'll post that later :)

There are some things I am working on. I would love a rug for the living room and a roman shade for the boys room! Also I need to make some curtains for my bedroom as well. Always something :)

So there you have it! A peak into our little corner of the world! It has come a long way but still has a way to go.

Im linking up over at the Decor Chic!!! You should join in too!

Alabu winner!!

Our winner for the $50 credit to Alabu!

BloggerAnash said...
I would buy the
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Congrats! I sent you an email!!

Thank you everyone who entered! :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

egg hunt :)

I don't have much time to post as I am off for a family lunch, but I had to post this quick video of the boys hunting for easter eggs this morning. Oh how I love these two!

egg hunt 2011 from E Nault on Vimeo.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

so grateful!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Easter weekend! The boys and I decorated eggs yesterday and had a blast! Some were broken by someones chubby little toddler hands, but that's just details that only make that day sweeter. The truth is that those boys are my light and the thing I am most thankful and grateful for. I am so excited for tomorrow!
Although I strive to teach the boys what Easter is really about (and I feel as if I am doing a good job at this) we still do the Easter bunny and the boys will both be getting a basket and plenty of goodies :) I can't wait to see their faces tomorrow morning! Holidays have the most amazing meaning now that I have children. Seeing it through their eyes is so priceless.

I am planning on making chicken cacciatore tomorrow and lots of yummy cream cheese cupcakes! Can you tell I am pregnant, Ha! Our weekly dinner menu is pretty crazy these days thanks to a certain little one residing in my belly.

Speaking of Matthew, he is growing right on track and I have gained a total of 18 pounds now. Yikes! Those cupcakes will be my undoing! I am 24.5 weeks now and I can feel him constantly. I can not believe God has blessed with with all these beautiful boys!
Here is my belly pic from today. Sorry for how blurry it is!
I am wishing you all the most wonderful Easter tomorrow. We are saved by His death and are given hope by His life. So in awe of a God who loves us that much.

Friday, April 8, 2011

What is in a name?

Well this sweet new babe has a name now! I have enjoyed calling him Elias but knew that we would probably change it at some point. We are known for doing that!
So without further ado,

Matthew means God's gift and Ryan means little king. I think it is perfect for our sweet little boy! And unless something huge and drastic occurs, this will be his name! So excited! He really is a gift from God!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

decor blogs give me a bad case of "the wants"

I have a lot to update on, and a lot to do blog wise, but instead I am rocking my feverish two year old. We have once again been hit by a bug and his fever is currently 102.4. This makes illness number 12 since December if anyone is counting.
Oh wait, that would be me.
I am so ready for this run of illnesses to be over. Summer where the heck are ya!? But I guess this is to be expected since I put Austin in private school earlier this year. Since then it has been one illness after another. This is why I had hoped to homeschool until EJ was stronger. Don't get me wrong, Austin LOVES his school. His class is small with only 8 children and he is thriving in a more social environment. But the illnesses!! Hopefully this summer we will get a break, and will start back in the fall with three boys! Oh boys!

Okay moving on.

So since I am at the computer, I may as well blog surf, right? And decor blogs are top of my list lately. They are beautiful, thought provoking, inspiring, but mostly they make me have "the wants". So to indulge this I am window web shopping and I wanted to share my current favorite things.

Most of my favorite things currently are from Pottery Barn surprise, surprise. If you don't know, I will tell ya! I love Pottery Barn. My wallet does not. Too bad the wallet always wins.

Montego Turned-Leg Rectangular Table

See that beauty of a table? That is my all time favorite table and chair set. Be still my heart! The extend-able table is on sale right now for only $999.99. I have no place to put a table and couldn't get it right now anyway but that price is fabulous for that table.

Calvert Sofa

This is the Calvert Sofa and I love it. I would buy it in a heart beat if I could. Right now I have a beige microfiber sofa and love seat and although I can take the seat cushions off to machine wash, nothing else is removable. So it is in desperate need of cleaning. Seriously some spots make my skin crawl. A slip covered sofa would solve all of this and my next sofa set will absolutely be slipcovered...and machine washable. Hello pottery barn twill!
I also love the comfort series:
PB Comfort Slipcovered 3-Piece Sectional

I have always wanted a sectional. Especially a nice big soft makes-you-want-to-cuddle one. Unfortunately since we move so much and have yet to land in our forever home (and wont anytime soon) I need more versatility than a sectional. One day though....

Also am I the only one who notices that these will hide all the little toys that inevitably get underneath. The things under my couch are amazing! With the slip cover, no one would be able to see a thing :) I don't know if that is comforting or scary!

Hyde Turned-Leg Coffee Table

I want this coffee table. The one I have now has a shelf underneath and spindles on both sides attaching the shelf to the table. It is one nightmare of a dust magnet. It is so gross.
This is simple and beautiful and I love the basket underneath idea!

Belvedere Armoire Set, Antique Rustic Pine finish

This beauty would be perfect! Not only is it wide enough at 54 inches but it comes in a gorgeous mahogany color. As my "design" taste has changed I appreciate an armoire so much b/c it conceals the tv and all the equipment and wires when you don't need them. Much more stream line and simple. As much as any man would argue, I simply do not thing tvs are beautiful and they certaintly shouldn't be the focal point.

Kate Rug

This is new and is such a beautiful color palette!

I think for me though, since I change my theme so much, I would have to go ultra neutral.
like this from restoration hardware
Tapestry Tibetan Rug

or this but in beige/ivory
 Dhurrie Diamond Soho Trellis Rug: 3 Colors

And last but not least, I am obsessed with the all white bed!! Mine is currently "all white" but it is shameful and in desperate need of a redo!
PB Essential Duvet Cover, Twin, Ivory

And that concludes this window-web shopping trip! Thanks for tagging long!! :) I think it is important to remember that we don't have to have the newest and greatest to have a beautiful home. We can find ways to make it that way that are cheap or maybe even free. It is the love and laughter within the walls that matter most. But it sure is fun to look!

Now hopefully this little sick one will get better soon so I can actually get some work done around this house! We have a zoo trip planned for tomorrow (it will be EJ's first time going) and I really hope he doesn't have to miss it! Goodnight everyone!
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