Saturday, April 7, 2012

take 1 :)

Austin has been really sick since last night (vomiting and other stomach issues). So while the two big boys were resting on the couch, Matthew and I snuck off for a photo shoot! All I can do is laugh at these but I wanted to share them anyway. I had a back drop but he kept pulling it down, he was crawling everywhere, pulling up on everything and the list goes on! He is one busy bee! I also tried to get him to hold a plaque but that was hysterical. He would either try to eat it or throw it. My sweet baby! Hopefully Easter will lend itself to better pictures!! Happy Easter everyone! I am so so grateful for our Saviors ultimate sacrifice!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

april showers

I apologize for being absent. Right after the move the entire family became very ill and I still have it. I am on my way to getting better but it is taking its not so sweet time! In the meantime, I took a couple pics of the two youngest today. Yesterday, we had tornadoes and rain and hail. Crazy! I had to pick up Austin early from school and his class were all huddled in the bathroom. Scary stuff to drive home while the tornado sirens are blaring!
We were fine though and we needed the rain. April storms can be violent here in Texas but they sure do bring the flowers!

Also, in the midst of all these sickies and storms, my baby turned EIGHT months!! He is army crawling, has two teeth, and can pull himself up on anything. He loves to give himself kisses in the mirror, loves to be held, is finally taking his morning nap in his crib, eating anything and everything, drinks a whole bottle worth of milk from an open mouthed cup, is still nursing a bunch but mostly when he is tired, laughs constantly, and just loves life. You know, as long as I don't put him down :) He was 22 lbs 10 oz but lost a bunch of weight when he was sick and is now 21.5 pounds. He wears 18 month and 12 month clothing. His eyes are starting to turn green a bit more and his hair is continuing to lighten up. He is big and happy and healthy. Praise God!!
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