Saturday, April 7, 2012

take 1 :)

Austin has been really sick since last night (vomiting and other stomach issues). So while the two big boys were resting on the couch, Matthew and I snuck off for a photo shoot! All I can do is laugh at these but I wanted to share them anyway. I had a back drop but he kept pulling it down, he was crawling everywhere, pulling up on everything and the list goes on! He is one busy bee! I also tried to get him to hold a plaque but that was hysterical. He would either try to eat it or throw it. My sweet baby! Hopefully Easter will lend itself to better pictures!! Happy Easter everyone! I am so so grateful for our Saviors ultimate sacrifice!

1 comment:

•○ MaRy said...

GENTEEEEEEEEEEE, que coisa mais linda!!!! Baby mais fofo! Parabensd pelas fotos, vc eh show em fotografar! BjOOOS

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