Tuesday, July 19, 2011

countdown to Matthew!

There are six and a half weeks until September which will bring much needed relief to the blistering hot 100's of the Texas summer.

There are 5 weeks until Austin starts the first grade.

There are three and a half weeks until this summer session is over for me and 6 weeks until my fall semester starts.

I have been pregnant now for 37 weeks.

There is only one week until sweet Matthew makes his debut into the world.

ONE WEEK PEOPLE. Then I get to see this face in person :)

Today we had an ultrasound and he is measuring 8lbs 2oz and we got to see lots of practice breathing. He is head down but sunny side up still. He really likes this position! Also she has one heck of a time getting these pictures as he is deeply nestled into my placenta and won't budge. Already a stubborn one, ha! The tech said he favors Ej and I have to agree. We will see though. In one week. ONE WEEK.

Sweet Matthew we are almost ready for you. Can not believe 9 months went by this quickly. Time surely does fly. I love you little boy and can't wait to meet you!

Also, I will spare you a belly picture. I have gained 40 pounds and it is just scary at this point! No need to scare anyone!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

a little glimpse

I have two papers due by tonight so I am busy working on those and Adam has the boys for the day. I am rocking in the rocking chair that I had to move in front of the computer. The other chair was not cutting it! And when you look like this:

It is hard to get comfy! Matthew is still safe inside and wiggling up a storm today. He really likes my ribs. Really.
I can not believe in 3.5 weeks I will be holding him on the outside. Looking into his eyes for the first time. I just can't believe it.
We are ready for him as I have officially finished baby prep 2011. Crazy!

And he has the hiccups right now as I type :)

Funny how God works and how everything comes full circle. How when we think we are at our limit, we get pushed over the edge and get to experience a whole new level of growth.

School is going alright. Stressful sometimes, but going. I finish up this first session on the 8th and then the second summer session begins the 12th. Then Matthew will come the 27th. All in a days work ;)

Okay well it is back to work for me. Tomorrow I don't have school and will enjoy a wonderful 4th with my family. So thankful.

Hope you all have a happy 4th of July!!
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