Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sweet little Elias!! (and a belly shot)

Here is my sweet little boy at 13 weeks! It was confirmed he is definitely all boy and I am so excited to have another. I think three boys will be perfect for our family :)
So far, his name is Elias Matthew. We all know Adam and I are prone to change the name a couple of times until finally settling but I really like Elias and hope it sticks! It means "the Lord is my God" and I love that!
I have been feeling some slight movement for a little while and can not wait till he gets bigger and can really kick. I have gained a few pounds now but I am not too worried. I gained 40 with each of the other boys and have always lost it after. Hopefully this will go the same way. I will share a belly pic but it is not the best. I just snapped it with my iphone after my shower.

Here is the belly~ (I'll try to get a better soon!)
 And here is my little love~

Can't believe I have hit the 2nd trimester already. My nausea is almost completely gone and my energy is finally back. I am finally starting to enjoy this! So blessed!
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