Monday, July 26, 2010

austin michael (aka the mullet man!)

Oh yes we did!!!! My beautiful first born is sporting a genuine mullet!! I think he pulls it off pretty well don't you?

This photo is great! Mullet and bad posture. Lets just say, I am saving this one for his future wife!!! Ha!!

Okay so before you get too upset, we did not keep his mullet!! I have always cut his hair and I couldn't resist taking some "half way" pictures! We would never actually do a mullet so what kind of mom would I be if I didn't jump on the opportunity to take some pictures of it! Ha!!

Here are some pictures of my beautiful baby and his new do...


Austin, I love you so much sweet boy! I am so proud to be your mom! You are growing so fast these days and I just can not believe you are FIVE years old. Where did it all go? What happened? I feel like I blinked and you are a big boy! You have changed me, pushed me, strengthened me, and taught me how to be a mom. I love you so much!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Okay, yall. So you know how Ej and I cosleep right? Well we do. Ever since he was hospitalized in October. (Before that he would sleep through the night in his crib!) I have tried everything and he just won't/can't sleep with out me. At this point I am not willing to let him cry it out, but I am considering all other options! Also, even with cosleeping our sleep is no where near great. He still wakes up every hour-three hours at night. Every night. Luckily he does nurse back to sleep quickly but I long for a good nights sleep!

So I set out to re-decorate and organize the boys room. We live in a tiny two bedroom right now so they have to share. This was a design dissaster b/c Austin has a full size bed, and more toys that Toys R Us! It is rediculous! At least they have a walk in closet and by a miracle, or my mad organizational skills (lol), I managed to make most of the current toys fit in there. Before this, they were in those huge tupperware bins lining the wall in the room. Horrible! The other half of non-current toys are in the garage. Geesh...

So anyways, I re did it and added some decor and lo and behold...
Do you see what I see?
I can get him to sleep in their! Ha! Now it is short lived but it is progress! Thursday night was the first crib attempt, and that night we made it till 5am in the crib. Granted he woke three times before that point, but I was able to put him down each time. At 5 he came and finished the night with me. Friday he took a 20 minute nap during the day in his crib! Hey, it is something! Then last night he only made it till 11:30 and I brought him to my bed. He was crazy and would not sleep at all in his crib. At one point I may have laid in the crib with him. Desperate times people...

Also his bed time is all over the place and more than not, it is after 10. This does not work at all for me as I am not a night person. I have no idea how to change this. Naps have no influence on this either. Unless he doesnt take a nap at all.

So in attempt to not bore you anymore, I will just show you the rest of my pictures from the boys room.
Not fab by any means BUT compared to where we started with blank walls and tupperware bins, I think it is much improved!
Oh and don't laugh at my imperfect wall art as I made it all in the wee hours. Again, desperate times my friends, desperate times :)

The porthole with his name is on the wall against the side of his bed, and the ship picture I made is above his head board. :)


I think these turned out pretty good for free hand!
So there you have it. My make shift ocean meets pirate ship room. Austins bed is a pirate ship equipped with a stirring wheel and everything. Adam helped make it! So all in all I think it turned out well! I would love to paint the walls a bright teal, but thats not going to happen until we move!
Also if you all have any tips on sleep training, PLEASE shoot me an email! I could use it!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


It was late. All remnants of the too hot sun had already disappeared below the horizon hours before.
The night was quiet black and warm.
I could still see your silhouette and your sweet cherubic smile in the dark.

You spoke in a language all your own and your eyes sparkled with excitement.

You reached for your silk lined lovey and drew it close. Comfort surrounded you. You yawn and I can almost glimpse the sweet dreams that will soon embrace you.

Then you reach for me and I for you. I hold you for a moment and then you nurse. This incredible bond that binds us.
With each moment that passes your eye lids fall with sweet slumber. Our eyes meet one last time before sleep takes you.

You breathe deeply, slowly, as you finally drift off. I hold on though, just for a moment longer.

I breathe you in.
Your smell, your spirit.

These mother arms know their place and know all too well that time will soon no longer offer these embraces.

Time has a habit of turning babies into boys all too quickly.

But for one moment longer, I hold you, and you are mine. And in this moment that I linger, I could stay forever...








*And yes, I did in fact post these pictures despite having ZERO makeup on and just coming from the pool. But, memories are more important than vanity....
And yes I do look like a squinty eyed something from the swamp thing, but that is just how I roll these days ;)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

around the house

Untitled from E Nault on Vimeo.

Just us, at home!
If you make it till the end of the first video you get to hear EJ talking and saying the sounds the animals make! He is getting so big!
Things have been so busy lately! I love it so much. I never once thought I would actually have this life. I look at my two boys and I am so grateful.
EJ had a great appointment at the hematologist last week. His ANC was so good that they said we could try the nursery at church! He went this last sunday and I was a wreck. He has NEVER been left with anyone since he was born. Adam has only watched him 2-3 times! So I was so nervous! EJ did great though! He cried when they put him down but he was fine when I went to get him. I was so proud! I just can't believe he is growing up so quickly. As long as he tolerates the nursery (illness wise) we can continue. This means I get to join bible study in the fall! YAY!
The other thing we learned at the dr appointment was that he hasn't gained weight again. It has been two months now and no gain. They told me to give him ice cream with carnation instant breakfast in it twice a day to boost calorie intake. So if you could just say a little prayer that he gains, I would really appreciate it. We have always struggled with his feeding and weight gain. But, over all he is doing great and I can't ask for anything more than that!

Last week I received all of Austin's homeschooling materials. We are using sing spell read and write to teach him to read. I am so excited to start next month! I am a little nervous because a huge part of me is a perfectionist and I want to be the best teacher I can be for him. I know it will go great though!
We are about to head out to our first playdate with a new playgroup! I have wanted to join one for so long but have such anxiety over meeting new people. We are all going to Mooyah though and I know we will have a blast!
This video is of EJ saying our dog's name "bella". I feel like he learns a new word every day! Don't mind my messy house in the videos ;) The cleaning fairy had yet to come that day! HA!

Untitled from E Nault on Vimeo.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

it was a lazy 4th

Well July 4th came and went and we enjoyed it! We went to church and enjoyed a great service, went hope and had some celebratory pound cake with blueberries, and then played in the little pool. We had planned on going to the big party our church was having but it didn't quite work out. None of us made it till firework time as the boys passed out well before sun down. None the less, it was laid back and wonderful and I am so happy and blessed to live in this country. Here are a couple of pics of my boys! Oh and since when did Austin grow up? He looks so big in these pictures!





Thursday, July 1, 2010

Today- Blog silence for Cohen

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