Tuesday, July 20, 2010


It was late. All remnants of the too hot sun had already disappeared below the horizon hours before.
The night was quiet black and warm.
I could still see your silhouette and your sweet cherubic smile in the dark.

You spoke in a language all your own and your eyes sparkled with excitement.

You reached for your silk lined lovey and drew it close. Comfort surrounded you. You yawn and I can almost glimpse the sweet dreams that will soon embrace you.

Then you reach for me and I for you. I hold you for a moment and then you nurse. This incredible bond that binds us.
With each moment that passes your eye lids fall with sweet slumber. Our eyes meet one last time before sleep takes you.

You breathe deeply, slowly, as you finally drift off. I hold on though, just for a moment longer.

I breathe you in.
Your smell, your spirit.

These mother arms know their place and know all too well that time will soon no longer offer these embraces.

Time has a habit of turning babies into boys all too quickly.

But for one moment longer, I hold you, and you are mine. And in this moment that I linger, I could stay forever...
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