Saturday, July 24, 2010


Okay, yall. So you know how Ej and I cosleep right? Well we do. Ever since he was hospitalized in October. (Before that he would sleep through the night in his crib!) I have tried everything and he just won't/can't sleep with out me. At this point I am not willing to let him cry it out, but I am considering all other options! Also, even with cosleeping our sleep is no where near great. He still wakes up every hour-three hours at night. Every night. Luckily he does nurse back to sleep quickly but I long for a good nights sleep!

So I set out to re-decorate and organize the boys room. We live in a tiny two bedroom right now so they have to share. This was a design dissaster b/c Austin has a full size bed, and more toys that Toys R Us! It is rediculous! At least they have a walk in closet and by a miracle, or my mad organizational skills (lol), I managed to make most of the current toys fit in there. Before this, they were in those huge tupperware bins lining the wall in the room. Horrible! The other half of non-current toys are in the garage. Geesh...

So anyways, I re did it and added some decor and lo and behold...
Do you see what I see?
I can get him to sleep in their! Ha! Now it is short lived but it is progress! Thursday night was the first crib attempt, and that night we made it till 5am in the crib. Granted he woke three times before that point, but I was able to put him down each time. At 5 he came and finished the night with me. Friday he took a 20 minute nap during the day in his crib! Hey, it is something! Then last night he only made it till 11:30 and I brought him to my bed. He was crazy and would not sleep at all in his crib. At one point I may have laid in the crib with him. Desperate times people...

Also his bed time is all over the place and more than not, it is after 10. This does not work at all for me as I am not a night person. I have no idea how to change this. Naps have no influence on this either. Unless he doesnt take a nap at all.

So in attempt to not bore you anymore, I will just show you the rest of my pictures from the boys room.
Not fab by any means BUT compared to where we started with blank walls and tupperware bins, I think it is much improved!
Oh and don't laugh at my imperfect wall art as I made it all in the wee hours. Again, desperate times my friends, desperate times :)

The porthole with his name is on the wall against the side of his bed, and the ship picture I made is above his head board. :)


I think these turned out pretty good for free hand!
So there you have it. My make shift ocean meets pirate ship room. Austins bed is a pirate ship equipped with a stirring wheel and everything. Adam helped make it! So all in all I think it turned out well! I would love to paint the walls a bright teal, but thats not going to happen until we move!
Also if you all have any tips on sleep training, PLEASE shoot me an email! I could use it!
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