Saturday, December 19, 2009

house of sickies!!

Both boys caught Adam's cold! Poor things!
Austin at least can take medicine though, poor Ej can only have saline drops and vicks rub.
This could not have come at a worse time since his appointment is Monday. Whenever he is sick, he always looses weight. Plus, if he spikes a fever (praying he doesn't) he will have to be admitted and Christmas is less than week away.
The part of his immune system that fights viral infections works well, so as long as this remains viral, he should be fine. If he develops a secondary bacterial infection, that is what can become VERY dangerous as he has nothing to fight bacteria with. So I am praying this passes quickly and that he maintains his appetite!
I always do soup and "honey bee" when someone in my family is sick. Austin loves honey bee! It is a simple water, lemon, and honey mixture we drink warm. It is sooo soothing!
What do you all do when you or a love one is ill?
I have read about filling a pillow case (or sock) with rice and putting some essential oils in it and warming it in the microwave. Do any of you do that? I am thinking of making one for Austin.

As long as I don't catch it, we should be okay. Adam was in bed for three days with it, and as we all know, Mommies don't get time off to be sick!! So I am hoping I can get away with staying healthy! Hand sanitizer is my best friend!!!

Well, this weekend I am so busy, packing, cleaning, tending to ill little ones, and preparing for Christmas! So I probably won't be back till after our appointment on monday! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
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