Saturday, December 26, 2009

prayer requests

I know I have been absent, but life is only speeding up over here as we are gearing up to move. Christmas was great and I will catch everyone up soon. However, my family needs your prayers!

Yesterday my sister, Trisha, had her little boy Bryce Anthony.

Unfortunately she had a placental abruption and sweet Bryce went too long without oxygen. They were able to revive him but he is in critical condition on the ventilator. Please, please pray for my sweet nephew.

Also, EJ is still sick and unfortunately getting worse. He has been running an on an off fever and is miserable. I am so glad we made it through Christmas, but if you could pray he gets better and can avoid another hospitalization, that would be a blessing!

Alright sweet friends, thank you all so very much and I will update soon.
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