Monday, June 29, 2009

Home again, home again, jiggity jig!

Well we made it! I am here in glorious Dallas Texas! Oh boy does it feel great! I had forgotten how much I really loved Texas. This is truly my home and I feel such a peace now. This is where we belong!

We spent the day with our amazing realtor and we put in an application for a beautiful home! Pray we get it! So until then we are living at the Westin and I can not wait till we move into our home and can grow some roots. I am ready to settle in!
I dont have much time to type but just know we are safe, enjoying every minute of our new surroundings, and to continue to pray!
God Bless!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Just alike

Well here are some comparison pictures of Austin and Easton at the same age. It is amazing to me to see just how much they look alike. As EJ gets older he looks more and more like his brother. Just precious!

So what do you think? Do you see the resemblance?

Friday, June 26, 2009

full circle

As I sit here on the eve of our drive to Texas, with no furniture and a mess of boxes, I feel so unlike myself. This whole event has pushed me to my limits physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I already shared with you how I do not like change.....

One year ago exactly, life was completely different. We were building our dream home, basking in the newness of my pregnancy with EJ, had two vehicles and two jobs.

Oh how things have changed.

You see I try not to be of this world. To not let materials define me. To not depend on them. But I live in this world and I find myself all to often identifying with my possessions. This is something I strive to work on daily and cutting those ties has been a hard, hard task for me.
Since last year, we had to let go of our home,

my vehicle, and we lost two incomes.
I also gained though. We brought our sweet, sweet baby into the world. A feat we struggled with for two years. My miracle. (I think I got the better end of the deal if you ask me.)
But things are hard right now. The economy was very, very cruel to us.
But I look around right now, while I sit on the floor with nothing, and I realize all I have to offer now is myself. I have nothing to show for the life I built in Florida. I am, finally, just me.
The only thing I have to offer is myself and I think that God is just fine with that.
He was never impressed by my belongings or my wealth. All He wanted
So I think, after all is said and done, that I have finally come full circle to the place the Lord had desired for me all along. I am right where He wants me. Even though none of this is easy, I rest in the fact that the Lord has had this planned all along. I may not know what the future holds, but He does, and He will be the one holding my hand through it all.
So here we go. We are starting our new life stripped clean with only our hearts to share. But, I couldn't be happier.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

the one my heart loves

Today is our anniversary and I am so blessed! Together we have weathered many, many things. We have had extraordinary highs and painfully devastating lows, but together we have made it!
I don't know what life will throw at us next. I can only imagine as I sit here packing for our move! However, with the Lord, I know all things are possible!
This life, our life, is nothing short of an adventure.
Our family is my ultimate prayer answered. How I am blessed indeed that the Lord has given me you and our two miraculous sons!
Every day I see you grow as a person. You help me grow as well. You understand me, you comfort me, you are always there for me. You are my best friend, my husband. Thank you for everything you have done, everything you continue to do. I love you more than you could know and I thank you for sharing this life with me.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Want to catch up?
So while I was gone some important stuff was happening! Austin got a new bike for his birthday last month, and we worked on getting him able to ride it! He is such a big boy! He had a hair cut and the boys had their first joint bath! EJ turned four months old, rolled over from his back to his belly, continues to sleep well at night but not at all during the day, and is a teething monster! I cant wait till his tooth pops through! Fathers Day was great as we got to have Daddy home! I had rough days to say the least during all this, but by the grace of God I made it. I am trying to pack, rather unsucessfully, and I am getting excited to be a Texan once more! Oh and keep an eye out all you cloth diapering mommies! I have some posts on that coming soon!
So here they are! My cuties!

God Bless

Saturday, June 20, 2009

going home!

I thought I was never going to be able to write this post! I know thats a little dramatic, but five weeks is a long time to be in such uncertainty!

I have so much to share, from pictures to updates, but right now I just want to let you all know that Adam has found a job in Dallas and is here now to help pack and get us to our new home.

I am so happy, so relieved, so gloriously giddy! My family is back together and we are moving. Yeeeehawwww!

Thank you all for the prayers and I will post more tonight!
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