Monday, May 11, 2009


Alright I just copied the HTML for you all.... So here are the pictures!

3 months!

Tummy time!
bright eyes

Getting sleepy
1 of 3

Almost there...
2 of 3

Just kidding. I am not sleepy ;)
3 of 3

In my crib
I love my crib...

In my swing
swing swing

Trying out Austins new carseat! I have some big shoes..umm..carseats to fill!
big bros carseat...

My handsome men!
my three men

Trying to sneak a shot of Austin hee hee...He is not amused!
not amused

God Bless!

3 glorious months!

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So my little miracle is now three months old. Amazed..I guess that's the word to describe how I feel.

I know I have been absent for two weeks. Let me just tell yall* that some pretty big changes are happening around these parts*. Some scary, exciting, life changing changes. I can't talk about it yet, but soon. In addition to these "changes" I have been planning Austin fourth birthday. I am so blissfully busy right now that I honestly did not have time to blog. Plus I needed the break. Life is so hectic but in a good way....

Austin is doing great. I wish I had a ton of pics of him to share but I don't. He does not like pictures, and as you can see, he does not hide that fact! Ha! Hopefully it is just a phase!
He has started spelling now and I am so thrilled. I love that he asks how to spell things. As always, he adores his brother so very much. In fact he loves him so much, that we have to sometimes stop him from giving to many kisses. It is so cute! I just can not believe it has been four wonderful years with him....

Easton is getting BIG! He is just now three months and is wearing 6 month to 6-9 month clothing. Austin was the same way. My babies chunk up from their wonderful food ;) I am such a huge breastfeeding advocate. Unfortunately this time has been very very hard on me. We are now on antibiotics again for my third bout of mastitis. We also have horrible thrush that will not go away. Diflucan and nystatin won't even touch this stuff....sigh. BUT................
The reason I have mastitis again.............
He is sleeping through the night in HIS CRIB!!!! It is a huge milestone for the both of us!! He goes down every night at 9 and sleeps till around 5. Then he come and finishes the night in my bed. I just can't believe my little one is sleeping though....what a blessing. I truly believe that it has been easier due to the fact that I am home full time. I can set his schedule through the day. I love being a is definitely what I was born to do!

Alright so I will stop boring you and share my pics! Blogger wont let me upload so I will give you my flickr link...
The new pics are in May 09!
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