Friday, July 31, 2009

I love food friday!

Because I do indeed LOVE food!
Thanks Jess for starting this!

Well I have four passions in life. The Lord, my family, FOOD, and photography. I really love all things food.

So this is an easy one for me! Keep in mind that a lot of recipes may be a little "out there" as I am a vegetarian but currently vegan due to the fact that EJ has an allergy to dairy. So today I will share an older recipe that I think all can enjoy!

Tomato Bake Chicken
from: me

1 small vidalia onion
4 boneless skinless chicken breasts
tomato and basil spaghetti sauce (I make my own but feel free to use store bought)
olive oil
red wine vinegar
Parmesan cheese

Directions:Cut up the small opion into slices and lay them on the bottom of a glass baking dish.
Lay the Chicken breasts directly on top.
Cover the chicken completely with spaghetti sauce

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

too beautiful for words

Oh how I love my boys!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

In His hands

I do not have the answers.
I do not know what tomorrow brings.
I can not control the future (despite my desire too).
I am only human, and I can not do this by myself.

I believe in the one who does have the answers, even if the answers are not always what we desire.
I believe in the one who knows what tomorrow brings.
I believe in the one, who despite what tomorrow brings, will never leave me nor forsake me.
The one I believe in is almighty, sovereign, perfect. He is just, loving, all forgiving, and my Father. He carries me, He comforts me, and He guides me. He whispers in the silence. He heals, He gives, He mends. He pushes us to become what only He knows we can. He molds us and creates us.
He alone can do all things. Through Him, alone, we can do anything.
He is my Savior, my rock, my fortress.

So whatever comes tomorrow. Whatever the waves of this world decide to bring ashore. Whatever comes...

I will know...

The one I believe in, The one I give my life, The one, Jesus, He will see my through.
For I am in His hands, and they are mighty indeed.

I will rest in peace tonight. No matter what is to come, no matter what is brought before me, I will find peace in You tonight.
The path I follow, is the path You have set before me. Whether it bring poverty, riches, trials, triumph, heard ache, laughter, loss, or gain. Whatever You bring me, I will find peace.
"For there will be days when life brings me pain. If that's what it takes to praise you, Jesus bring the rain."

May we never forget the hands that hold us. The same hands that have been pierced by nails.
May we never forget, that even when life brings pain, and overwhelming odds, we are not alone.
Nothing in this life could ever take us away from our Father, or diminish His love for us.
He will never abandon us.
Tonight I will give it all to Him. My life is on the alter.
I give it all to Jesus. All of it.

a glimmer of hope? not so much.....

Well Adam did have a GREAT interview lined up this morning. A really good job! I was so excited. Then.......

Our Murano died. It won't even drive past our street without dying. Our ONLY vehicle.

Well apparently that wasn't meant to be.

So now I have no idea what to do. Getting it fixed is hard when you don't have money!

Do you think a car delership will barter ;)

Please pray!

Monday, July 20, 2009

tonight, I'm tired

I am so tired. So tired of all this financial stress.
All I want is a decent life for my family, for my children.
I want what everyone wants. A home, plenty of food in the fridge, toys for my children, clothes, ect.
I do not ask for much. I do not ask for the "nicest" or the "best".

All I want is a nice life.

And I am tired of feeling guilty for that. I am tired of struggling so hard for that. I am tired of worrying about whether or not we are going to make it every month. Where the money will come from, because we don't have enough.

I am so tired.

I do not understand why this is so difficult. How we could go from so much, to nothing, over night. How my life has flipped upside down, and I can't seem to land on my feet. How we are about to hit rock bottom, very rock bottom, and how we just can't catch a break.

We are good people. Intelligent, capable, hardworking people.

This is not suppose to happen to us.

I am tired of worrying about being homless. That is not something we should have to be facing.
And sadly, unless something changes, that is exactly what will happen.

You can't pay rent with no money. You can't buy food with no money. You certainly can not buy toys or clothes with no money.

The end of the rope is approaching and I am praying the Lord steps in soon. I have faith, but I also see the reality. It is hard to miss.

People say that we are all one step away from poverty. They are right.

We did everything like we were suppose to. We had more than three months worth of income in savings. Besides our car, we had zero debt. We lived within our means. We had just gotten a home. A baby. Things were great. Then, our world came crashing down. Frankly, I am not okay with that. I do not find complete peace in the Lord right now. I do not rest easy.
I worry. Constantly.

I am not perfect and I am no longer going to feel guilty for wanting more than this. If I told you I am okay with all this, that I am fine as long as God has a plan, I would be lying. I want to be, I truly do, but I am not. Who would be?

I think of all the homeless. All the other countries where poverty is devastating. I think of that, and it makes me sick.

In this world there is no reason for that at all. And to think how close we are to that. It takes my breathe away.

I hate that this is the truth for us right now. I hate it. I hate that I can't write about fun vacations, or the greatest sale, or cutest outfit. That I can't write about how fall will be here very soon, and then the holidays. How great that will be. I can't write about any of that. I don't even know how long we will have a roof over our heads.

I want my old life back.

I know this is depressing and no one wants to read this. But I don't want to live it. I wish I had better news. Oh how I wish.

So we work as hard as we can. We pray as hard as we can. And somehow, someway, we just have to get through this.

Lord please, I beg you, don't let us go down this path any more. Please don't have this be your plan.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

feeling better and some pictures!

Random post warning!

Well the last few days I have been feeling much, much better.
The lord truly does work in all of our lives!
Just yesterday we were given a washer and dryer! Can you believe that! Praise God!

We also spent the day at the park yesterday, and had a blast!

Our home is coming along nicely, and I am finally feeling like I am at "home".

The fog is definitely lifting as God continues to show us His path. Praise Him for NEVER leaving us.

EJ found his feet today and it is SO cute! I love watching him play with his little toes!

He is a teething monster. Nights have turned horrible! Poor baby just screams and screams! I can not wait till his little tooth pops through!

I have some cute pictures to share!
Fun at the park! Bad hair day!

The butterfly hunter was being hunted by the butterfly! This little butterfly would not leave him alone!

Amazing tree!!

Easton trying on Austin's first halloween costume! How cute is that!

My sweet boy, playing with his feet!

Well thank you all for your prayers! I will keep you all updated as things change!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The other side

Well it is an odd feeling indeed. I am here on the other side. Texas.
Not to long ago I wrote from my living room floor in Florida in anticipation of
our journey here. And now, I sit on my living room floor again. With my
belongings in our POD out front, and a few scattered boxes on the floor,
I find myself struggling tonight.

It is as if a fog has settled in my life. A horrible and very dense fog.
I feel lost and just a little worn. Lately it seems life has been an uphill
battle and it has taken its toll.

Adam lost his job.

Today as we attempt to settle into our new home, we watched in awe as a huge
tree in our front yard was trimmed. This tree was taller than our two story
home and half as wide.
I had never seen someone trim a tree like this and it was amazing. Two men
climbed to the very top of this tree (an activity that would sent me into an
anxiety attack!) and cut down all the branches they could reach with their
chain saws. At first, when I saw the huge branches crashing down, I though
it was crazy to cut down all that healthy growth. It was sad actually.
However, eight hours later, the end result is beautiful. It does not even
look like the same tree.

I suppose we are like the tree. All the "growth" I though I needed and all
the extra foliage, just takes away from us. It may be hard to get trimmed and
it may be painful but afterwards? Beauty. True beauty the way God intended.

I know this is a lot of rambling but I promise it does have a point.

The fog I was referring to is wearing on me. The last two weeks I have desired
nothing but a home. I wanted a great home and all my things to fill it.
I wanted to buy all new decor, I wanted an endless list of things but none of
which were the Lord. I have been so overwhelmed to acquire all new belongings.
All new "foliage". It was my only mission.

Seek ye first the Kingdom! Does that ring a bell? Well, it is not what I sought.

I feel so pulled in so many directions. I forgot God in all the madness instead
of letting Him be in charge, I pushed Him to the back. And now...


I am having a hard time cutting the ties. Breaking free from all this world has
to offer. I wish I could have someone come and trim me. Or maybe that is what is

So we are starting our life in Texas as two unemployed people. Great.

Well Lord, I am putting you first. You have provided thus far.

At least we have a home and that is a wonderful start. I know Adam will find
another job. In the mean time, pray. I know I will.

And if you do not pray for me. Pray for you. Pray that the Lord works in
whatever area in your life that needs some pruning. Because, I know that the
end result will be far more beautiful than you could ever imagine!

Friday, July 10, 2009

FIVE months old!

Sweet baby you are five months today! Where oh where does the time go?
Things you are doing-
You can say "hi", "Da-Da", and "night-night"!

You want to eat everything around you! If someone is eating or drinking and you can see them, you scream until you get food!

You are wanting to crawl so badly. Instead you end up pushing yourself backwards!

You can almost sit up!

You are still teething horribly. Your poor tooth just wont pop through. I can see and feel it under the gum. You have been waking up and screaming for hours. I feel so bad!

You weigh over 21 pounds!

You reach for everything!

You love your big brother and your Daddy so much!

You HATE riding in the car.

Happy 5 months sweet little boy!

Friday, July 3, 2009


I love flowers! These are from our house in Florida right before we left.

The last time I saw our stuff. Hopefully we will find a home soon and we can get our things back!

My cutie patootie. Man I love my little red head!

I also love butterflies! I had to take these today while we were outside braving the 103 degree weather!

His look cracks me up!

We are house sitting for a friend right now and they have pet chickens. Austin adores them! He even got to name one! Here he is with his new "friends"!

Alright there ya go! Please please continue to pray we find a place soon. We are running out of places to stay and going back to the hotel is not an option. We have weeded through almost 100 homes. So think of us in the next couple of days!!!

I hope everyone has an amazing 4th tomorrow! Be safe!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

who loves applesauce?

A certain little boy named EJ, that's who!!!!
Well EJ has been showing signs that he was ready to eat solids for a couple of weeks. Since he is only 4 1/2 months old though, I delayed giving him any. Plus with his allergies, I knew I had to be careful. So instead of actually letting him eat, I would let him suck and "taste" certain things. I did bananas one week and apples the next. Whenever I ate one, I would let him suck on it.

Well yesterday, he made it quite clear that was not going to cut it anymore! Every time I ate, he would grab my food and try to eat it! So last night I gave in and fed him some applesauce. He ate the whole thing! He loved it so much! He would open his mouth wide and then smile after each bite! He just loves food!

I just can't believe how fast he is growing up! His first foods, his first tooth which should break through any day now, his first words. He is even pushing up while on his belly and rolling all over the place! They grow so fast!

Austin loves EJ so much and now that he is more interactive they just play and play. Austin is going to be home schooled this year (Pre-K) and I am really looking forward to doing that! He is so big and his reading skills are getting better and better. I just need to pick a curriculum for this year. Any suggestions?

The house search is still continuing. So pray that we find a place soon!
Thank you for all your continued prayers and God Bless!
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