Wednesday, July 22, 2009

In His hands

I do not have the answers.
I do not know what tomorrow brings.
I can not control the future (despite my desire too).
I am only human, and I can not do this by myself.

I believe in the one who does have the answers, even if the answers are not always what we desire.
I believe in the one who knows what tomorrow brings.
I believe in the one, who despite what tomorrow brings, will never leave me nor forsake me.
The one I believe in is almighty, sovereign, perfect. He is just, loving, all forgiving, and my Father. He carries me, He comforts me, and He guides me. He whispers in the silence. He heals, He gives, He mends. He pushes us to become what only He knows we can. He molds us and creates us.
He alone can do all things. Through Him, alone, we can do anything.
He is my Savior, my rock, my fortress.

So whatever comes tomorrow. Whatever the waves of this world decide to bring ashore. Whatever comes...

I will know...

The one I believe in, The one I give my life, The one, Jesus, He will see my through.
For I am in His hands, and they are mighty indeed.

I will rest in peace tonight. No matter what is to come, no matter what is brought before me, I will find peace in You tonight.
The path I follow, is the path You have set before me. Whether it bring poverty, riches, trials, triumph, heard ache, laughter, loss, or gain. Whatever You bring me, I will find peace.
"For there will be days when life brings me pain. If that's what it takes to praise you, Jesus bring the rain."

May we never forget the hands that hold us. The same hands that have been pierced by nails.
May we never forget, that even when life brings pain, and overwhelming odds, we are not alone.
Nothing in this life could ever take us away from our Father, or diminish His love for us.
He will never abandon us.
Tonight I will give it all to Him. My life is on the alter.
I give it all to Jesus. All of it.

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