Monday, June 22, 2009


Want to catch up?
So while I was gone some important stuff was happening! Austin got a new bike for his birthday last month, and we worked on getting him able to ride it! He is such a big boy! He had a hair cut and the boys had their first joint bath! EJ turned four months old, rolled over from his back to his belly, continues to sleep well at night but not at all during the day, and is a teething monster! I cant wait till his tooth pops through! Fathers Day was great as we got to have Daddy home! I had rough days to say the least during all this, but by the grace of God I made it. I am trying to pack, rather unsucessfully, and I am getting excited to be a Texan once more! Oh and keep an eye out all you cloth diapering mommies! I have some posts on that coming soon!
So here they are! My cuties!

God Bless
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