Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Alabu Skin Care - A Giveaway!

Alabu Skin Care is a family run, all natural skin care business. Founded by Maryclaire from a desire for a more simple way of life, Alabu has now grown into an incredible line of soaps, lip balms, moisturizers and more!

More and more people today are also realizing that Maryclaire's vision is one that they have as well. However, while searching for more natural, more organic, and eco friendly products, we are usually left empty handed or having to pay large amounts of money for them.

Alabu offers a great line of products and they are all natural. Every single one. You can trust that the goats milk soap or the almond lotion you are using come from the best, safest ingredients out there. In fact, all of their soaps are made in small batches and used by the family themselves. Every order is guaranteed to be the quality that people have come to expect from Alabu.

For review I received two bars of soap (Baby Me and the Oat and Honey), two lotions (the naturally preserved in original and almond), the vanilla lip balm, and the original Shea body butter.

I have been using their products for a couple months now and all I can say is that I love it! I switched to natural soap about a year ago, but this has been the best I have tried. The Oatmeal and Honey is exfoliating and has a more rough texture that I love. With bar soap, I like it to have some texture. It is very moisturizing and that is saying a lot due to the fact that I have eczema and very alligator like skin. The Baby Me soap is for the boys and is very gentle, unscented, and also extremely moisturizing. Both boys use it and have no reactions what so ever. As a mom, it is so important that my children use the safest, most natural products available.

The lotions come in a 4oz bottle which is perfect for your purse. I also keep some by our guest sink. The original is unscented and very gentle. I used it on Easton after bath one night while he was having an eczema flair up on his face. While it didn't make it go away, it didn't aggravate it either. That is huge! So this is the lotion you want if you have the most sensitive of skin. The almond scented is my favorite because, to me, it smells like chocolate covered cherries. Seriously it smells good enough to eat. The fragrance goes on strong but fades quickly so you don't have to worry about an intense fragrance all day. It is such a treat after I wash my hands. I will say however, that it is a lighter moisturizer and is not for intense dryness. It is great for the every day wear but not a really thick lotion.

The Shea Body butter stick on the other hand, is for those really dry spots. I use it on my elbows and knees and occasionally on my hands. It is a bit greasy but absorbs very quickly and really works great. I love this product so much, as again, I have some seriously dry skin. Plus you cant go wrong with a roll on product. No mess!

Last but not least, is the lip balm. Now here is where I am super picky. I have a brand of lip balm that I use and I only use that brand. However, this one worked just as great as my go to and I loved the vanilla flavor. It is very subtle and Adam took it for himself since it wasn't too girly like my others! I loved it and it really works on some of the worst chapped lips.

When it comes to natural skin care, Alabu is awesome. I love their soaps and light weight moisturizers so much but my favorite was the body butter and the lip balm. We really tested these products out over the winter and they far exceeded my expectations. I have to say thank you to Alabu for making quality, natural skin care that is actually affordable.

The best part of all of this?? One of YOU will win a $50 gift certificate to their online store!! How amazing is that! You know that summer is fast approaching and you will need some great skin care!

All you have to do is visit Alabu online and leave me a comment telling me what you would spend the money on! That's it!

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Giveaway will end on April 22, 2011 and the winner will be announced April 25, 2011 . Good luck!
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