Tuesday, August 14, 2012

my little cuties (random picture share!)

 We have been spending our morning out in the back yard before it gets too hot. This morning it was actually in the 60s and it makes we want fall so badly. I love fall. That fresh cool crisp air. However, in the mean time, we will camp out as the sun rises (aka the only time of day that it is not 100 degrees!!).
 Mr. camo got a hair cut. All ready for school. Except I am totally not. I don't want him to go back. I miss him too much.
 Ej has been sleeping in so these two were bug hunting in the wee hours with out him. He has been having a hard going to sleep at night and sometimes staying up till 9:30 even though we put them to bed before 8. Hoping he goes to bed earlier once school starts. He keeps Austin awake too.
 My little pretzel eater. He loves pretzels.
 And his eyes are still super blue. I still think they will go green like Ej's though. We will see!
 He is getting so stinkin big. They should not be allowed to grow this fast.
 Watching storm clouds roll in. We love watching the rain.

 And Austin loves his cat!!!

 And she loves him just as much :)
Slow down summer. We want every last moment!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

a day in our life!

With as busy as we are, I thought it would be great to document one day from start to finish.
Our day always starts the same. Fresh beat band on netflix.
Some like to sleep in...
Matthew LOVES Austin and wants to wake him up. But he cant resist fresh beat band and heads back to he living room :)

 He finally joins the living...

 While they watch their show, I get ready for the day.
 When I come out I find the boys have eaten poptarts and left crumbs everywhere!
 Baby sweeper to the rescue!
 Then a real breakfast and then medicine for the younger two. Matthew hates medicine time.

 By now it is almost 10 and nap time for the baby.
 He still nurses a lot. I love his sweet snuggles.

 While he sleeps the boys play quietly.

 Then batman comes to visit!
 And then it is snack time. When do these kids NOT eat??

 Matthew is up now and ready to play too!

 We all get ready and head out to bucca for lunch.
 After lunch we swing by Daddy's work and then to camera stop to look around! We get home in time for Matthew's afternoon nap.
 Coming for a kiss goodnight :)
 Baby toes and peekaboo barn. Too precious.
 Someone else has come to visit lol.
 And snuggle.
 After snuggles he apparently needs a drink.
 Since we had a big lunch and I wanted breakfast, we had breakfast burritos and pancakes.
 While I do the dishes, Daddy and Austin go to blockbuster and the younger two play.
 Or try to sneak to the cats water and food bowl. Caught ya!
 Soon after Matthew is ready for an early bed time.
While I get him down, Adam gets Austin and Ej down. The movies and photo editing for us!
And that is just one day in my life!
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