Friday, July 10, 2009

FIVE months old!

Sweet baby you are five months today! Where oh where does the time go?
Things you are doing-
You can say "hi", "Da-Da", and "night-night"!

You want to eat everything around you! If someone is eating or drinking and you can see them, you scream until you get food!

You are wanting to crawl so badly. Instead you end up pushing yourself backwards!

You can almost sit up!

You are still teething horribly. Your poor tooth just wont pop through. I can see and feel it under the gum. You have been waking up and screaming for hours. I feel so bad!

You weigh over 21 pounds!

You reach for everything!

You love your big brother and your Daddy so much!

You HATE riding in the car.

Happy 5 months sweet little boy!

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