Wednesday, July 1, 2009

who loves applesauce?

A certain little boy named EJ, that's who!!!!
Well EJ has been showing signs that he was ready to eat solids for a couple of weeks. Since he is only 4 1/2 months old though, I delayed giving him any. Plus with his allergies, I knew I had to be careful. So instead of actually letting him eat, I would let him suck and "taste" certain things. I did bananas one week and apples the next. Whenever I ate one, I would let him suck on it.

Well yesterday, he made it quite clear that was not going to cut it anymore! Every time I ate, he would grab my food and try to eat it! So last night I gave in and fed him some applesauce. He ate the whole thing! He loved it so much! He would open his mouth wide and then smile after each bite! He just loves food!

I just can't believe how fast he is growing up! His first foods, his first tooth which should break through any day now, his first words. He is even pushing up while on his belly and rolling all over the place! They grow so fast!

Austin loves EJ so much and now that he is more interactive they just play and play. Austin is going to be home schooled this year (Pre-K) and I am really looking forward to doing that! He is so big and his reading skills are getting better and better. I just need to pick a curriculum for this year. Any suggestions?

The house search is still continuing. So pray that we find a place soon!
Thank you for all your continued prayers and God Bless!

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