Monday, July 26, 2010

austin michael (aka the mullet man!)

Oh yes we did!!!! My beautiful first born is sporting a genuine mullet!! I think he pulls it off pretty well don't you?

This photo is great! Mullet and bad posture. Lets just say, I am saving this one for his future wife!!! Ha!!

Okay so before you get too upset, we did not keep his mullet!! I have always cut his hair and I couldn't resist taking some "half way" pictures! We would never actually do a mullet so what kind of mom would I be if I didn't jump on the opportunity to take some pictures of it! Ha!!

Here are some pictures of my beautiful baby and his new do...


Austin, I love you so much sweet boy! I am so proud to be your mom! You are growing so fast these days and I just can not believe you are FIVE years old. Where did it all go? What happened? I feel like I blinked and you are a big boy! You have changed me, pushed me, strengthened me, and taught me how to be a mom. I love you so much!
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