Saturday, April 23, 2011

so grateful!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Easter weekend! The boys and I decorated eggs yesterday and had a blast! Some were broken by someones chubby little toddler hands, but that's just details that only make that day sweeter. The truth is that those boys are my light and the thing I am most thankful and grateful for. I am so excited for tomorrow!
Although I strive to teach the boys what Easter is really about (and I feel as if I am doing a good job at this) we still do the Easter bunny and the boys will both be getting a basket and plenty of goodies :) I can't wait to see their faces tomorrow morning! Holidays have the most amazing meaning now that I have children. Seeing it through their eyes is so priceless.

I am planning on making chicken cacciatore tomorrow and lots of yummy cream cheese cupcakes! Can you tell I am pregnant, Ha! Our weekly dinner menu is pretty crazy these days thanks to a certain little one residing in my belly.

Speaking of Matthew, he is growing right on track and I have gained a total of 18 pounds now. Yikes! Those cupcakes will be my undoing! I am 24.5 weeks now and I can feel him constantly. I can not believe God has blessed with with all these beautiful boys!
Here is my belly pic from today. Sorry for how blurry it is!
I am wishing you all the most wonderful Easter tomorrow. We are saved by His death and are given hope by His life. So in awe of a God who loves us that much.

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