Friday, January 6, 2012

new year goals and a bit of Christmas!

So one goal I have for this new year is to better document our life. The boys are growing and changing so quickly and I have not been doing a great job of capturing all these memories. So my main goal is to take pictures several times a week and video of each boy several times a month. Other goals include drinking more water, cooking almost every meal with my crockpot, and just being the best mom and wife I can be. And although I am not in control of this, I am really hoping for a calm year of health and prosperity. Not too much to ask right? :)

Well Texas has been having crazy weather the past couple years and this winter is no exception. It has been GORGEOUS out this week. It was high 60s today! So we took the boys to the park and had the best time.

Here are some other pictures from this week!

Life has been quite wild lately in that EJ has finally hit that "stage" that some children reach around two :) I refuse to call it terrible as he is anything but terrible. However, he has been a bit more difficult recently! The tiniest thing can set him off. Fixing his collar, giving him a kiss, cutting his strawberries the wrong way. You get the idea! Matthew is still in a really needy stage too where he has to be held all day or he screams. He has now added "not sleeping" to his agenda this month. Good times! Add in a sprinkle of 6 year old attitude and you have my life! Ha! But it is wonderful, really! I wouldn't trade these boys for anything!

Also, I realize I never posted any Christmas posts! The boys had a BLAST. We were blessed this Christmas, and the boys got a lot of great things. The main gift this year was a new kitten for Austin. She is a ragdoll/siamese mix named Sophie and she is just precious. She literally just goes limp when you hold her and loves attention and loves snuggles. She is the absolute sweetest. You can see her toward the end of the video below. She lives at Adam's right now but as soon as we move I will take lots of pictures! I have a ton of videos of Christmas morning, but they take forever to upload, so I will be posting them here and there until I get them all up. I love children just make Christmas magical all over again :)

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