Monday, April 19, 2010


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All the trees are dressed in green, pink, and white. The birds are singing and the earth is alive with new warmth. It seems in just a few short weeks everything has blossomed. Things have changed so much so quickly. I feel so awake and so overwhelmed with joy. Maybe it is natural, but I am loving this spring season and all that it is bringing.
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Austin is changing so much. He is gearing up to start sports soon and I can't wait! I have waited my whole life to be a soccer mom! I am feeling more and more prepared to home school now too. I can't wait to actually purchase our curriculum!
Easton is now pseudo walking. Still crawling mostly, but when he wants, can take up to ten steps! He has learned new words like dot, eye, and hot. He signs really well now and will sign more and milk with no hesitation. He knows what the snake, puppy, and lion all say. He LOVES to make the sound of a lion!
Both boys love to color, play, and just be wild boys. EJ is now getting a little more independent and Austin is starting to enjoy him a lot more. It is so heart warming to watch them together.
I have been trying to get Austin back in his sunday school class during church. Since EJ's first hospitalization he has not gone back. He won't. He screams and screams and will run out of the room. If you know Austin, he never does this, ever. He is very calm and quiet outside of the home. He is my cautious one. Well when we start to leave him in that class, it is like he is a different child! We are working on it though and I think soon he will be ready. At least I hope so. The Dr. said EJ still can't go into the nursery so both little ones are with us in church. Makes it interesting!
EJ had an appointment on thursday and his neutrophils were back down to 500. So he is still very immune compromised. (Hence the no to the nursery) His ALT was normal though! Yay! He lost a little weight which I refuse to worry about until we see what his weight does in a month. I pray he gains as I don't want to go back down that path! Also he tested positive for MRSA, so we have to watch very closely for that. All in all we are trucking along.
He is no longer taking his nap early in the day and is now waiting until around 4 to nap. This has been throwing off our whole schedule and I hope to have him back on a regular nap routine soon. He still wakes a couple of times a night to nurse and we are still co sleeping. He is 22 pounds and 28 inches long and has 7 teeth.. Austin is 40 pounds and about 3 ft 5 inches. Both my boys are shorties ;)

For the first time in a looong time, my house is completely organized and clean. Even my closets! And my laundry is all caught up! It feels amazing to have my spring cleaning taken care of.
I'm back on my vegetarian diet and I love veggie burgers so much! We have a little veggie garden growing on our patio and I cant wait to eat everything that grows!
This is a good season for us. A season of renewal. I am looking forward to everything it brings!
I truly hope this spring brings new life to you as well!
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