Thursday, October 8, 2009

Just so in awe of the Lord

I can not tell you enough how amazing, how humbled, how joyous, how utterly in awe I am in the presence of the Lord.
How, to sit back and watch Him move in our life, to see His glorious plan unfold, it is truly indescribable.

We were at the breaking point. We were at the brink, the edge, and the only thing we could do is to take a leap of faith and jump into the arms of the Lord. The past 6 months, the move to Texas, the job search, the financial trials, all of it. The Lord brought me to a place where I had no choice but to give it to Him. To rest in Him.

When I finally gave Him my life, full reign, amazing and miraculous things started happening.

To see Him, to really see what He can do, is so humbling. Who am I compared to the Lord? Nothing is impossible for Him. Nothing is to small, or to big for Him. He loves and cares for all of us, no matter what. But to really see Him move in my life the way he has, it is breathe taking.

I never could have imagined, that He has had us in His hands from day one. I had nothing to worry about because He was in control.

We have a home, we now have two amazing jobs, we have two awesome boys. He has brought us back. Revived us. Breathed fresh life into what was once broken.

He is our healer, our leader, our guide, our comforter, our wisdom, our shoulder, our SAVIOR.

I have to say, if I had a choice to do this all again, I would. Yes it was hard. Harder than anything we had faced as a family, but it has brought me face to face with Jesus. And, this is a place I never want to leave.

Lord thank you for everything. I don't deserve any of it and I could never repay you. But you give anyways. Your love is beyond description and your grace is inconceivable. Thank you.

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