Sunday, May 1, 2011


So now that Austin is in school and gets to spend the night with Adam once a week, Ej and I have been spending a lot more alone time together. Although I miss Austin when he is not home, I do cherish the small moments Ej and I get to share. Especially now that Matthew is on his way, I love getting to know him more. I have also noticed how he is so different when Austin is not home. It is like his little personality comes out in full force and I love it. Sometimes balancing multiple children is tough and I always wonder if I am spending enough quality time with them. I have to say I am my own worst enemy and I am constantly doubting myself as a mother. It is no easy task and I fail daily. However I pray that the Lord fills in the gaps and I trust that He will! Being a mom is the hardest and most wonderful thing. It pushes me beyond what I thought possible. All I know is that I love these boys more than anything and I am eternally grateful for being loaned them.
So here is my little man in action. He just melts my heart!

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