Wednesday, June 20, 2012

my little sunshines! (and a list)

Lots of busy happening around here lately. For the sake of blogging things I want to remember better, I am switching to a list today!
1. I love my boys. Wild and crazy but so dang cute! 
2. Austin finally lost a tooth!!!! June 8th. Bottom left. The tooth fairy brought him a 2 dollar bill :)
3. I gave EJ a hair cut on June 9th. His first ever! His hairy is even more curly now. I love it!
4. Matthew is standing all the time. He wants to walk so badly but crawling is still the preferred mode of transportation. He is cruising better though! He still has his two bottom teeth but his top right is breaking through now.I will miss those toothless smiles!
5. Matthew is going to the ENT tomorrow for a sleep apnea consult. He is having a very hard time. He wakes up every hour at night and I mistakenly thought he was just spoiled. I actually tried to sleep train him this week but it has not been working. Then I realized that the loud snoring, gasping for breathe, and jerking himself awake every 30 minutes was to blame. It is not his fault he can not sleep. I wouldn't be able to sleep wither if I couldn't breathe. Hoping for answers and a solution. Despite this he is 24 pounds and almost 30 inches. Growing!
6. Austin is 48 pounds and 47 inches. Had his 7 year check up and all is well!!!!
7. EJ is finally sleeping in his own bed, through the night! Only took three and a half years :)
8. I have FIVE cavities. I have never had a cavity in my life! Luckily they are tiny single surface ones that don't even need anesthesia. Hopefully by getting them now I can avoid any future problems! yikes...
9. I am half way through my summer classes. Really wanting them to be finished.
10. Adams and my 7th year anniversary is in 5 days. Thankful we get to celebrate another year.
11. Matthew LOVES to eat. Especially adult food. Evidence is the above pictures. Mass quantities of pasta was consumed!
12. That's it!

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