Thursday, June 7, 2012

sickie bug, sickie bug (and a lot of random ramblings)

 So this little guy is still sick. not anything really bad but he is just miserable. He has a cold and is so snotty. Nursing is so much fun when your baby can't breathe through their nose. And suctioning their nose is even more fun (major sarcasm). He is also starting to cut his two top teeth now. I can see the white under the gums. Poor baby. On a happy note, he sticks his tongue out all the time now and thinks it is the funniest thing. If you ask where his tongue is he proudly sticks it out and grabs it :)
 This one is eating me out of house and home. He must be going through a growth spurt right now. Literally, he eats 20 times a day. Crazy! Looks like I will be buying more food and clothes for that boy. He is now a size 7 but 6 months ago he was a 5T. I wonder what he will be by school time?
 This little one continues to crack me up every day. He reminds me of a who from who-ville with his hair. He is not a good eater. Super picky and can go two days with out eating anything other than a piece of bread. He is still really small for his age (probably always will be due to his health issues as a baby). However, he can now wear some 3T stuff! He still mostly wears 24 months and 2T.
 And apparently Austin is also part shark. My 7 year old has not lost a single tooth but has started getting his permanent teeth anyway! We go to the dentist soon and I wonder if she will pull the baby teeth out?
 Yep, this is Matthew right now. Well, not right now. He is sleeping in my lap currently :)
And again with the tongue! So precious!

In other random news, I am taking another full course load of marketing classes this summer. I am probably certifiably insane to do so but taking classes in the fall/spring is not feasible. Our schedules go into hyper drive during school. So I am only taking classes in the summer and Adam is going to be taking classes in the fall/spring. Lots of school around here! Speaking of that, I really really miss homeschooling. Really. Just wanted to say it out loud. I miss the books, the curriculum planning, that special time with him every day. I miss watching him learn in front of my eyes, and I just miss him being home. So glad it is summer break!

We are currently having storms (so happy for the rain) so we are having another indoor day. Maybe sock puppets are in our future!

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Adventures out West said...

I can't believe how big the boys are getting! EJ's hair is crazy! (but he's adorable) I didn't realize that Austin had freckles!!! (And see, I DO read your blog :) )

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