Friday, June 1, 2012

bugs (both kinds)

The past week we have been hit by bugs. 
Both the creepy crawly kind and the kind that make you sick! And let me tell you, dealing with chiggers and a stomach bug is no fun at all. Now that we are finally over the vomiting, we are now getting colds. At least Adam sprayed for the chiggers. Those bugs are horrible. Like mosquitoes on steroids! Hopefully you all have no idea what a chigger bite feels like because I wish I didn't. :)
BUT even when sick, my boys are cutie pies and I cant resist taking pictures. And can I get a hallelujah on getting all three kiddos in a picture? You have no idea what I had to do....
 Brothers. They are getting so close. Love them.
 My mini me. He does so well with pictures. He really is the sweetest child.

 This one, oh help me, is a wild man!
 But oh so cute! And also TEN months old. Lets not mention that again though :) Still in denial!
 freckly goodness...
And also, it is officially summer!! whoop!

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