Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2 week countdown!!

Well the countdown has started!! Yesterday at my appt. we set my induction date (and I even got my favorite Dr for the delivery!) for February 10th!!!! Exactly 2 weeks from today. That is such an amazing fact to me. In two short weeks I will be holding a new life in my arms. A new addition to my family. My new son. I can't really wrap my whole mind around that fact yet but I guess I will have to ;)

EJ weighs 7 pounds now! He is gaining a pound a week which is crazy weight gain! We are thinking by the 10th he will be 9 lbs. Whew!!! Adam is fine with this of course lol! Big and healthy!

I am off bedrest now and EJ has dropped. My contractions are worse now but I am not dilating anymore. I don't think I will go earlier than the 10th but you never know! We are going to a basketball game on the 2nd and Adam said I absolutely can not have the baby before then. Men ;)

So we are hanging in there. I am uncomfy and in pain almost all of time. My heart burn is better though since he dropped. I am ready to have my body back but I am wanting things to slow down at the same time. This amazing journey is almost over. What started in 2006 has come to an end. Baby #2 is coming and we are thrilled. WOW! I am blessed beyond belief with my amazing family. This amazing gift that God has given to me.

So friends, this is it. Crunch time. I can't wait to share my birth story with everyone and introduce our new arrival. I can not wait for Austin to be a big bro. 2 weeks....2 weeks.

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