Monday, December 29, 2008

Whirlwind Holiday

Well I can not believe Christmas is over and now 2009 is knocking on the door!! I know I say this every year but time does fly way too fast!

So Christmas was good. We only did gifts for Austin this year but it was still wonderful. Watching him tear through all of his presents with that look of awe and wonder really is what Christmas is about. Well Christmas is actually about Jesus, and Austin will be the first one to tell you that, BUT as far as the present aspect goes...that is all for Austin! We even baked Jesus a birthday cake on Christmas Eve and sang him "happy birthday". We then managed to survive Christmas Eve mass even though you couldn't have fit a cotton ball in there it was so full. I wish every Sunday was that way!

I do have to say I am happy to have my Christmas decor down. I took the tree and everything down the day after. Our cat was driving me crazy and since I am in full blown nesting mood, I was sick and tired of cleaning up pine needles. Yes...even the fake kind ;) So I am happy to have my house back in tip top shape! I also some how managed to find a place for all of Austins new toys. Let me tell you that was a feat to be reckoned with! That kid is so stinkin spoiled. I wouldn't change that fact because he does love and appreciate all of his toys but man oh man. Overflow doesn't begin to describe it!

As far as Easton is going (did I tell everyone we changed his name to Easton Joseph??) I have now been on bed rest for a few weeks. Financially it is the hardest thing we have ever done. Emotionally it is the best thing. Having me home has made a world of difference for everyone. Everything is as it should be and it feels so good!!! Only 6 more weeks till this little one gets here and I am so excited! My baby shower is not until the 31st of January so I hope I make it to that! I also have to admit I feel a little scared to be having another baby. How I am going to manage everything, including an almost 4 year old, with absolutely NO sleep is daunting. I am super excited so don't get me wrong, but the day to day is a little scary for me. I know it will be fine just like it was when I had Austin, at least I hope ;)

We went to the beach yesterday and I will share some pics for you all. We love the beach and I am glad we get to go so often. So I may not have snow, but I have sand ;)

Okay well I suppose that is it but I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and I hope we all have an even better New Year~

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Erin said...

Trust me, you'll do just fine. The first couple of months can have a few overwhelming moments but then you'll be an old pro.

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